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1 point

Here is a video that explains the type of person/leader Prophet Muhammad was.

Nothing To Do With My Prophet
1 point

If you want to learn more about the meaning of jihad, here is an article where you can read about what jihad actually means.

Supporting Evidence: The wisdom behind jihad (
1 point

True. There is no point debating with people like that. Outlaw60 is merely "attacking" not just sharing their beliefs.

1 point

Yes, that is correct. However you forgot to include what is in the parentheses: "...I have been made victorious with terror (cast in the hearts of the enemy)..."

The government could vet this belief if Muslims trying to enter the U.S. don't view Americans as their enemies.

However, I am starting to understand how difficult it would be to prove this. But also, how would the government prove that that specific Muslims trying to come to the U.S. do view America as the enemy?

There are some U.S. citizens that show signs of wanting to cause "terror" by statements they make about their belliefs. Do you suggest that we kick them all out too? Or maybe just stick everyone in jail? Then maybe we can "Make America Great Again".

1 point

It is not about allowing all 1.6 million Muslims into this country at once because of course, it will take a ridiculous amount of time to vet so many people. It is about following through with what the United States offers to both citizens and non-citizens: freedom of religion.

1 point

I agree with you that the U.S. should stop meddling with other countries, sometimes doing more harm than good. But just for my personal knowledge: what are some of the "west's manipulative ways"?

1 point

*I meant Qur'an (2:190)

Another version of this verse is: “Fight in the way of God against those who fight against you, but begin not hostilities. God loveth not aggressors.”

1 point

I am informed (though I do no not claim to know everything).

Qur'an (2:192) - "Fight those who fight you, but do not begin the hostilities..."

1 point

And the reality is that ISIS must be stopped, but banning Muslims from entering the U.S. is not the solution. ISIS will only use a ban of Muslims to recruit more people (the article explains this a bit more). They will be able to say to other Muslims that the U.S. "deserves" to be attacked because Americans are so self-centered that they do not allow Muslims into the country. And the sad truth is, that many Muslims will believe ISIS. So why give the Islamic State another method of recruiting more people? Why not instead gain the support of the most people possible (including Muslims) in this fight against ISIS?

1 point

So you are implying that all Muslims are, or will eventually become, terrorists?

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