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RSS ChickenBeer

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Being a Christian or Muslim is not about bettering yourself. It is about serving god. You are a servant. That is all.

0 points

I never said you did say anything about black and white. You actually said you are pissed of about both parties. For fuck sake why do you think everything is an attack.

Seriously? Do you even know what his avatar image means? Try WWII as a head start. Maybe lookup some Anne Frank. You probably don't even know who she is. I am an atheist but I do pay the fuck attention to the world.

ChickenBeer(250) Clarified
1 point

I asked my asked a former friend what is was like being a Jew. He said I was racists for calling him a Jew.

You just said Jews love the music. Is it kinda like the "n" word, you can't say it unless you're in the club?

You're pro-choice and you are Christian. Just a fact that not everything is black and white. It's actually a compliment really.

I never said you did anything wrong

Go take some meds. and calm it down.

2 points

Why the fuck is everything one or the other.

Why would you force a card carrier to have to abide by everything in their group

That's the problem with American politics. So binary.

Look at you Dana, your pro-Choice and Christian. That does not reconcile well with red states.

And the Canadian media cant even spell check. they said Columbian not Colombian. No class or quality.

He has great advisors. But talk his cheap. He has the reading comprehension of a 7yo. He did not understand a word said, or he would not have commented like he did right after that.

If they combine the currency with a chip or QRcode on your left hand, then I will be dusting off that book of revelations.

and wiping my ass with it.

I am curious how this is even a defendable topic. Really?

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