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RSS ChiefToad

Reward Points:146
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2 points

I think it was about freedom for him and also because he felt ready to be his own man. he hitch hiked around the country trying to find himself an engineering job because he had studied on his own and felt he was ready but no one would hire him because he was a kid with no credentials. Eventually though he found a company that was willing to hire him because he showed them some technical drawings which proved he was smart enough.

2 points

You ran away at the same age as Jacque Fresco, did you ever notice that?

1 point

Wow, 14 years old? How did that happen? .

1 point

The book of genesis was a Jewish text first .

1 point

I would say it all comes down to Jews, we would be living in peace just eating bananas and mangos if it wasn't for you evil Jews.

2 points

have seen you and Nom flood it just as much. Bronto has simply accelerated lately, he evens out periodically while Nom goes ham.

Even if we blasted the site like he does it's still not half as bad because our sole intention in doing so is not to flip reality upside down and promote the antithesis of truth.

2 points

It's not fair to even call them debates, because he just shitposts alt-right hate speech and spams factually empty narratives resurrected from Hitler speeches. There's no option to disagree with him. He's a parasitic, myopic little partisan shill with 200 accounts, no brain and a huge fucking mouth.

My thoughts exactly bro. I'm getting more and more fed up with his endless waves of Israeli counter-intelligence strikes.

ChiefToad(146) Clarified
1 point

I wouldn't say he's a Milo-type or an AJ-type. He's definitely more JP and PJW and I'd say Reagan and Thomas Jefferson are strong influences too.

There is another influence I'm not sure of. He seems to think Islam is the literal anti-christ and I've heard that before but I'm not sure where he gets it.

1 point

If we measure the overall time spent, I reckon you, Bronto and Nom are all exactly equally obsessed with this website which leads me onto another theory I have.

Then why are Bronto's debates the ones flooding the site?

1 point

I am genuinely telling you this; the moon is a supernatural disc-like object. It is not the sphere you are told it is.

I saw the all seeing eye on my bagel so bagels must be an illusion.

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Winning Position: Would you fuck Donald Trump in the asshole for a million dollars?
Winning Position: Why does Andy censor the word "fucking" and not "asshole"
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: So this is your evil plan Mingi? Sad.
Winning Position: Unresolved
Winning Position: Unresolved
Tied Positions: bowing to european invaders vs. jew

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