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RSS ChinTao

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1 point

It's true, socialISM doesn't work.. But socialISTIC programs like Medicare and your local fire department, work pretty well within a capitalist framework.

None of those programs fit under the definition of socialism.

1 point

Smoking is VERBOTTEN in the city.

If paper comes from trees, and tobacco from fields, how is burning them pollution?

1 point

For example, some of us can look around and get that throwing trash into the air is a BAD thing. And, there's those who can't.

Why is throwing trash in the air a bad thing? Was the trash not created from things already present on Earth?

1 point

Yeah, I hear that when I tune into FOX News..

I don't have cable to watch Fox News.

But, if you just opened your eyes and LOOKED around

The party has elected people who claim to be socialists.

you'd see that Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are anything BUT socialists.. But, I GOT it..

They are capitalists seeking cheap labor, and socialists are taking over below them, and will soon be in their positions.

ChinTao(23) Clarified
2 points

The people run the Democratic Party.

Bernie Sanders was blocked from winning by the party. That's the opposite of the people running the party.

Bernie Sanders Camp: The Fix Was in Against Us

2 points

Do you deny climate change because the science is wrong, or fixing it will be worse?

Climate change is a fact. That man is creating it or can do anything about it is the non fact.

1 point

It's true, socialISM doesn't work.. But socialISTIC programs like Medicare and your local fire department, work pretty well within a capitalist framework.

Those running the Democrat Party are pushing for the version that doesn't work.

1 point

It's a truly fucked up state of affairs when you have to explain to people why Trump is bad.

Explain it.

That's an idiocracy right there.

Liberals didn't think this crap for decades until they were taught to by the rich liberals controlling the system.

1 point

I picture any futuristic civilization as AI that is based off of the personality of their creator(s).

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