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RSS Chinaman

Reward Points:2991
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Mask work says the NIGGER

Really ??????????????

You are a Party Parrot you fuckin fool

1 point

The Leftist says it is on Space Program what a fuckin idiot you are NIGGER

1 point

Butt Lunch is nothing more than a Brit AI bot and that is a fact

1 point

You Fuckin Stupid LESTIST i want your goddamn ignorant mouth to explain yourself.

How many guns has the NRA made you STUPID BASTARD

1 point

Baby Gurl you no got no sense

You Fuckin Pussy know people are coming for your type and there ain't going to be a good ending for you and the likes of you.

1 point

Facts are something your Fuckin Limey AI existent does not now.

Hey Stupid tell me how many guns are made in Ilion ,New York

Come on Dummy speak up

1 point

Hey you Fuckin Goofy Leftist what did the Fuckin Blond Bitch say : In related news, my pet iguana just told me tonight's winning Powerball.

1 point

The Fuckin Goofy Bitch speaks : “He is also very open-minded. They said he will lead the USA in a very different way to what you have seen before. They believe that crime will be reduced under him, and that he will be anxious to talk to countries about peaceful resolutions to conflicts.”

1 point

Stupid have you got no clue how incredibly fuckin ignorant you are when you dial up your bot

Displaying 10 most recent debates.

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Winning Position: Socialits don't like Gun Magazines ?
Winning Position: Did the Socialist Doctor say this ? Step up you Bots and Brain Dead Democrats
Winning Position: How did the " Party of Diversity " end up with this White Guy
Winning Position: Socialist / Marxist i have found the " Whore in your Party "
Winning Position: Pay attention here you Socialist / Marxist
Winning Position: This is for the Gender Confused Socialist / Democrats
Winning Position: Here is an Idiot from New York ! Do you Dummy Democrats want to meet him ?
Winning Position: 100,000 Marxist dead from the CCP Virus
Winning Position: I got an Idiot Test for you Dumb Ass Democrats

About Me

"Wuhan is the best place in China for the Democrats."

Biographical Information
Gender: Guy
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: China
Religion: Buddhist
Education: Post Grad

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