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RSS ChriIsBored

Reward Points:33
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Beautiful. I don't think he can combat this one. Nomen probably hasn't read the Quran or any Holy books in Islam.

1 point

Jesus wasn't white though. He was tanned.

Also there are not billions of muslims, a little over a billion.

3 points

I ain't saying it's all horrible or all the people that practice it. But there is some sick shit in there. 6 and 9 year olds... If there is anybody that has a daughter in the western culture, they probably shouldn't read too far.

1 point

In the bible nowhere does it say that Jesus studied the Torah or other Jewish words. So how the hell could he be Jewish religously (not ethnic).

ChriIsBored(33) Clarified
1 point

Yeah, he'd DEFINATELY help huh. Fight socialism with socialism.

2 points

Send any of these commies to China, Venezuala, any of these commie 2nd-3rd world countries and they will be begging to come home where they arn't censored or opressed.

1 point

I havn't seen a buddhist terror attack? I mean if you find something that'd actually be interesting.

4 points

Climate change is real, things are changing, like the Ice Age. But don't play that global warming shit on me it was snowing in the Sahara desert.

1 point

If somebody was to say the same about Islam they would be crucified

1 point

How is flag flying an insult? You are ridiculous. If you hate the flag go fly Ethiopia's dickhead.

Winning Position: No, Keep the info flowing!

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