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RSS ChuckM

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Yup, just as homosexuality is a totally different kind of attraction.

1 point

No, these relationships cannot be constituted into a marriage. The purpose of marriage is to provide the proper environment for child bearing and rearing.

Love is NOT the purpose of marriage, people can love their pets, their trees and their same sex partners... with the same intensity as they can love their other sex partners, but a world where this alternative relationships are called marriage is an stupid one.

1 point

The best proof of this people not being Christian is how they are stripping out the Truth of their Bibles.

1 point

Any sinner can be a Christian... being a good Christian... that is different story.

1 point

OMG! He reads! That is definitively proof of being a dictatior

1 point

It is a form of Social weaponry, in order to create economic growth you need demographic growth... the point of this leftist vision if for people not to have children. Either by copulating with same sex people, aborting their children and destroying the harmony that comes from a functional family.

I don't think its democrats but the people who is sponsoring them, whoever those might be.

1 point

It is an act of mental sanity. ................................

1 point

In Mexico, basic healthcare is super cheap, but that one lacks quality. The problem in the US is government regulation which completely removes less than ideal healthcare.

1 point

I agree... just, politicians and companies sponsoring fake science are everywhere... but then... Co2 is a problem as well.

1 point

I got a good laugh out of the initial comment, now... on this one... carbon emissions are definitively a problem. So, one thing is politicians taking advantage of stuff, taking out of proportion and so on... and it is other thing to deny that there is a problem there.

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