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RSS Cicero

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1 point

He's not forced by anyone to do anything, he could starve if he wants. It's in his own self-interest to not die.

How is an organization relevant? I honestly missed your point.

1 point

Why can't the capitalists be productive without the poor? They can get menial labor jobs in services and manufacturing and still be productive.

What happens to the laborers if they have no one to pay them?

2 points

Prevent Karl Marx and Friederich Engels, and all other potential communists from surviving past the age of 3.

1 point

Why is this debate even here? There are at least 4 just like it. This debate is as pointless as Qymosabi's and those theism debates.

1 point

That is pure speculation. How do we know if that is a bad thing? They had such cheap oil, I sure would like that now.

1 point

Ad Hominem attacks have been deeply ingrained in American politics for over 2 centuries. To rid us of them now would be a great discredit to our rich culture.

2 points

I just have a question, what happens when the government runs out of money?

And by the way making absolute assertions such as "all expert econimists" is very dangerous because they can be disproven much more easily than saying many expert economists.

2 points

Yes these things are impossible without government. But government is a necessary evil. I think what the person you are disputing is saying that the necessary evil shouldn't have too much power to become a malicious evil.

1 point

New York State:

Yr 1-3 General all topic history.

Yr 4 Pre 20th century NY

Yr 5 Miscellaneous again.

Yr 6 Ancient Civilizations.

Yr 7-8 American history.

Yr 9-10 World history.

Yr 11 American history.

Yr 12 Government and Economics or Macroeconomics.

1 point

I can't believe you're seriously arguing that monopolies are good. If you check the debate record I never said that monopolies are good, I was just doubting their abillity to exist for extended periods of time or at all.

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