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RSS Cinaman1998

Reward Points:40
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1 point

it already is in most us states and in other areas of the world.

1 point

how was life created is what i mean we need to pay attention to the title

1 point

the afterlife has been reported in multiple religions. the connection would thus forth create a way to make it look to be connected but the sciences cant prove or disprove the theory due to the fact it is unknown

3 points

lies you are not an imperial form skyrim but still


i was just trollin u guys

1 point


excitement is against the code of the samurai

this is clearly not a samurai

1 point

the gods never lie to us

we must obey or die

the gods love us


it is the glitch is not from the camera or else it would be through the temple

Cinaman1998(40) Clarified
1 point

but they could with the poor economy get food from them or conquer them, no?

1 point

i would ask if he could nuke pakistan and the midle east with all of the US nukes

0 points

No, the closes you could get me to that is no shirt but nothing else. men like me or men in general shouldent where womans clothing

1 point

kid you must love your weed because your first point is completely out of line. where do you live, in mexico. they were the nationalist socialist party not freaking conservative. they have nothing in common (ok maybe stupid people like you but still, you are retarded).

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Winning Position: yes
Winning Position: spontaneous generation
Winning Position: Non-spontanious generation
Winning Position: no

About Me

"Im Sexy And I Know It"

Biographical Information
Name: Liam Smith
Gender: Chap
Age: 42
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: United States
Religion: Mormon
Education: Masters

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