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2 points

This is a good question and a great debate and your absolutely right were are the so called "peace loving" Muslims. If you want people to know that you don't agree with this act of outrage by radicals tell them. I know i would.

1 point

I would like to know something. If you think christians have it better why be an athiest?

1 point

In the bible it does not openly talk about the trinity but does give hints like in john 1:1 In the beginning was the word. the word was with god the word was god and the word became man and came to the earth. This is going to be one of the hardest concepts to understand in christianity. I personally believe that Yes he is god

0 points

All of the things you are mentioning are happening because of one little decision in the early days. I'm sure you know the story Adam and eve. because eve ate the fruit sin entered the world, but don't try to find things on Jesus. I used to think just like you until;l i realized this is how the devil tricks us. Don't let him

2 points

After everything that America has went through why not go back to Jesus. This great country was founded on the belief systems of Christianity. I believe that with all of the sin going on in this country that god is very disappointed but hasn't turned his back on us. He died to save you, all of you out there he shed his precious blood for you and i hope that one day you grasp what I'm saying. There's a hell to pay or a heaven to gain.

1 point

I think of abortion the way i think of murder. If you netflix and chill and it goes down, you have to pay for your own actions dont make the baby pay. for all the females out there either wait till marriage or deal with it

1 point

you think that smoking is a way to relax, thats just like saying that if you want to commit suicide do it. yo would think that people would have more common sense nowadays. and you are now my enemy

1 point

Hey crystal2000 nice to see that you commented thank you and bye

1 point

Smoking should definitly be banned and all of you that say it shouldnt you must not care about 13% of americans who have lung cancer.

1 point

Sports because sitting behind a screen "exercising your thumbs" is not helping you and you will end up on my 600 lb life.

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Winning Position: He can't
Winning Position: No
Winning Position: Fight isis

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