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RSS CoamNhomsky

Reward Points:111
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10 most recent arguments.

Whenever the the people democratically vote on when it begins, duh! If you disagree with this claim you are a SAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaavage fascist who cares little for my problems that are more important than yours.

Cheers ;)

How dare Islamistists oppress minorities under a different religion! How can rationalists be so SAAAAAAAAaaaaaaavage to not accept the book of Genesis as fact?!?!

Cheers ;)

How dare they use evil selective breeding in agriculture! Genetically modified is a big scary term, so it obviously must be a SAAAAAAaaaaaavage and capitalistic practice!

Cheers ;)

But if we got rid of the SAAAAaaaavage capitalistic tendencies and formed a socialist democracy we could vote to make things like leaving the toilet seat up illegal! Then it would never happen and the youth would no longer be corrupted!

Cheers ;)

2 points

Says sucks? Is this not solid evidence that capitalism has turned this teenager into a misogynist sex offender? He uses a word associated with oral sex, he must be SAAAAAAaaavage!

Cheers ;)

Of course they should! Unemployed citizens are the backbone of this great nation! Don't be SAAAAAAAaaaaavage, impose a 150% tax on all commodities and give all of the revenue to them, it's the least we can do!

Cheers ;)

2 points

It is impossible to tell, we've never had civilization. Civilization can only be socialist, otherwise it's just SAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaavage!

Cheers ;)

Leaves the toilet seat up? Is this not enough proof that capitalism has corrupted American youth into a bunch of SAAAAAaaaaaaaaaavage bourgeois!

Cheers ;)

Because I already saw that series and it was SAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaavage! Watch "The Billionaire's Tea Party" and then we'll talk, it is made by a very intelligent journalist, I know he is smart because he is from Europe and Europe is a utopia!

Cheers ;)

0 points

See, I told you that you were ignorant and I was right! You refuse to watch a movie the exposes the liberty movement for what it really is! You're so SAAAAAaaaaavage that you won't even watch a movie! The Koch Brothers are behind the entire movement, its not real, you're all tricked!

Cheers ;)

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Winning Position: I'm SAAAAAaaaaaaaaavage!
Winning Position: See! Capitalism is evil!
Tied Positions: I'm SAAAAAAAAAaaavage! vs. See, proof they are happy!
Winning Position: I'm SAAAAAaaaavage!
Winning Position: Very Wise Words!
Winning Position: We have the coolest lingo!
Winning Position: Those evil jewish capitalists!
Tied Positions: Fucking asshole! vs. Sex for The People (Virgins)!
Winning Position: Fucking asshole!

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Coam Nhomsky
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Democrat
Country: United States
Postal Code: Da Hood

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