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RSS Cocopops

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Cocopops(347) Clarified
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It's the age old moral dilemma. do you give such childlike people a fish or a fishing rod?

The problem here is that they'd probably eat the fishing rod, or try to adapt it as weapon with which to engage in tribal warfare.

Of course it is only but right and fitting that nations which suffer occasional crop failure or experience other natural disasters are supported by the international community.

In the case of some African nations however such donations are a total waste of money and are in direct conflict with nature's laws of natural selection.

Keeping these sub-groups artificially alive is only extending their pain and agony, and as the rest of the world advances into the age of advanced technology, they are progressively looked upon as mindless freaks wandering helplessly in a daze through the deserts and infertile parts of Africa most of which is a fruitful and wealthy continent that could support 100s of millions of people if it was populated by intelligent, hard working, self supporting people.

1 point

She sure dam de funny Bongoess.

I bet she has dem der good old Bongo boys falling out of the trees with laughter back home in Bongo Bongoland.

Cocopops(347) Clarified
-1 points

Look out, look out, broken down Nom is about Nom is about

0 points

He'll certainly be remembered as the President who gave the old school of the political elite a kick up the rear-end and jolted them into the world of reality.

He relegated the glitzy razz-a-ma-tazz, the balloons, the brass bands and all the phony speeches well down the priority list and presented the people with the uncomfortable facts in plain, matter-of-fact English.

He put America's trading partners on notice that;- the game is up, THE PLAYING FIELD IS BEING LEVELLED.


It is a shame that there are so many loony lefties who are incapable of recognizing this self-evident truth.

1 point

Nothing beats a good old recreational riot when there's nothing worth watching on television.

-1 points

Oh by the way, the local vet was able to save wee Mrs., Mc Dooky's cat.

-1 points

It is important to know that every negative occurrence in the world is the fault of Donald Trump.

For a couple of instances, the loony left would have us believe that the on going sewage problem in Burundi, to Wee Mrs. Mc Dooky's cat getting run over on the road between Atriclave and Limavady are a direct consequence of President Trump's immigration policy.

Numerous V.I.Ps, including Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew and Donald Trump have attended various dolly bird embellished gatherings but it's President Trump the loony left filth have singled out for their, predictable scurrilous attacks.

The Democrat's fathomless vindictiveness belies the old adage;- hell hath no fury like a women scorned.

The only positive feature about their endless torrent of unfounded, vindictive accusations against President Trump is that it makes them a laughing stock in the eyes of the entire world.

1 point

Possibly the Chinese who invented gun powder and Leonardo da Vinci, the first machine cannon, could be attributed with this accolade.

2 points

As I posted on another thread;- dead men tell no tales.

Think about it.

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