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RSS Coldthedog

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1 point


1 point

Oh, we're going to do that are we. 1v1 me u scrub I will rekt u like ur mum las nite I am faze clan nub u wot m9

1 point

As I see it, you are debating, correct? I believe the best way to go along is to keep things out of words such as 'suck tits'. What are we, twerkers in Miley's next music video? Heavens no, we are debaters, expanding our knowledge in politics!

1 point

My apologies, I did more research, and even though he did say he might salute if they changed it to 'I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing' (which is still not a statement which deserves applause), he did not really go along with actions to change it. My sorrys for the faulty information.

1 point

1. Yep...

2. This did infact happen, I watched it myself.

3. What evidence do you have of this. I have not heard of bosses making thousands of blacks go into unemployment. If there is much racism in you area by chance is there gangs?

4. I doubt there are cities, towns, or counties where the only job option is of minimum wage. Even then you should plan to move if you have such problems.

5. Did I forget to bring up his family being poor? I thought being raised in a town house explained that. Heck, if you want it worse than that his father picked cotton for fun. He couldn't rub two nickels together. Yet, after years of work, he was able to spend his later years (starting around early elderly years) in a very fancy home in a very nice part of Oklahoma (where he still lives).

6. Well if we are to determined if he was 'LISTENING' we will need more than his first comment.

1 point

Still trying to get back to the pace of CreateDebate. Can you please remind me which argument that was on?

1 point

1. Huh, well, since we have nothing else to talk about here want to write a book about the existence of Bigfoot?

2. Ah man, I swear, God plays with fireworks one time, ONE TIME, and you guys go out of you way and make a Big Bang religion. :)

3. And I swear on this 42 foot gold statue of Bill Cosby juggling sub sandwiches that I will tell the truth, and nothing but the truth.


1 point

1. Such as Liberals to stop making false accessions of racism?

2. Example, a man played for a Christian Concert. He sang the lines "I love Jesus" for a while, everyone repeated. Then he sang "I love Jesus, I hate faggots", everyone stopped repeating. He then said "Oh, I guess it will go better in Church". Quiet rude, I wish he would sing at my church, and see how they would react (not how he would wish)!

3. Oh but it is, I believe they have equal job rights, correct. A black man hasn't been whipped in quiet a time, wouldn't you say. We have one for a president (a insanely powerful position in America), and heck, it is now a trend to hate white people (for their skin color). Racism towards blacks is a thing of the past, and if I can deal with being referred to as a racist for no reason (at least keeping in violent outbursts) , I believe they can get us to us existing.

4. Such as fast food worker and bus boy, if you see what I am saying (or repeating).

5. I could believe less in bad homes. My father grew up in a town house, worked at one of our family sonic's since he was eight, his mom left soon, had two bother's who killed them selfs at some point (one uncle I never met, one I barely knew personal) and at age 42 his house was paid, he owned three cars, and he jogs in cross country along side playing his trumpet.

6. The fact he heard the statement where the GOP was accused of being racist alone proves he was listening to what the other side was saying.

1 point

1. Yea, the Pledge probable wasn't a good choice

2. Real answer next time

3. Clearly we don't live in the same area

4. Or was it :)

1 point

Same for this debate. If you want to make edits and lies upon lies instead of debates than I will no longer waste my time on this discussion with you. For the people who don't know what is going on this man made an edit after I responded to him so I would look dumb and he would win. So farewell you trickster.

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