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RSS Concerned-1

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1 point

Never tried it, maybe I could learn a few things?

People real or "Bots"?

1 point

Long or short. Does depend upon the person on how they wear their hair and the shape of their face. Have seen a few ladies who look great in long hair and the options they have in styling. One chose to cut short after a bad hair cut to fix. Rest went to "Locks". Looked more like a man (so much like their father and older brother!). As the hair length came back, very nice once again. Funny too, with the short hair and great body she had more girls hitting on her. She never said if she took up on the offers. I think she made the most of it. Hmmm guess the shape of head and the relationship to the style. Overall, more on the long styles in any colour.

1 point

Hmm... from girls I know, that look good in each (good shape) depends upon what they are wearing, the fabric, and any message for some one in particular. G-String with shear and a great bod can be very nice eye candy. If not as fit, then the other as the bod needs support. Overall - the girls who could do either - did the G-string. A complaint was how "not soft" many of the "strings were". One opted to cut the string and add a more comfortable fabric. Same lady opted for the "C" to get rid of the string up the butt and along the waist altogether. Smooth lines everywhere - long dress with a long slit up the side and low cut back, on her - simply amazing! On guys? Don't ask me, not in to guys so no opinion there.

1 point

I have worn them for years and quite comfortable in them. However, I have been yelled at in several states in the US by a wide variety of people. Including Police, people driving by, people I am jogging past of laying out on the beach. Hiking in the mountains, 1 person said they were going to turn me in to the Rangers. Walking with my wife on a 100 F day, another lady screamed nasty things as she made the turn past us. Obviously, it is up to the person's personal perspectives. At the same time, I can walk in to a couple of locations and I get harsh remarks if I do not wear them. Turns out, many ladies +- my age by 10 yrs like me in the shorts and like my legs from all the exercise. Hasn't ever gotten me any offers but a few pats now an then. A few whistles from those ladies too. I figure - if I like them in the short shorts and they wear them too - perfect! May not be able to touch (never been invited to do so) but certainly helps a day go by with smiles for each. One Co Owner laughed, I showed up one day in long cloths (cold morning). He got complaints from the ladies. When the day warmed up, back to shorts - all happy again. Told me in the future, wear long outside and short inside. Helps keep moral up. Too funny. At least I know the body is in reasonable shape. Such contrasts - positively terrible and disgusting to some while pleasing to others. Sounds like just about everything else in this world. Chocolate or Vanilla anyone? Maybe Strawberry or Mint Chip?.... A world of personal tastes - important in all of it - the choice and ability to do so.

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