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1 point

Really, I completelly proved you wrong, and the only rebuttal you have is calling me a child and to ''go play in traffic''. Wow, real maturity, what are you, 5?

2 points

No evidence to back it up? yeah I do, and I got them all from the book Outrage by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, why dont you read it if your so concerned about me not having evidence to back up those claims. Chapter 5, page 175-196. By the way, both of them are New York Times Bestselling authors.

2 points

This is directed to Kuklapolitan.

Your whole points of debate is that the Jews took land from the Palestinians. The Palestinians took land from the Ottomans/Turks. So why arnt you up in arms about that and return the land to the Turks, and then return the land to the owners before the Turks? You keep going back, why not give the land to their rightful owner then, the Greeks? Why not give all the land the Arabs took from the Greeks? Give back Asian Minor. Why arnt you up in arms about the land the US took from Mexico? Why arnt you up in arms about the land the Poles and Russians took from Germany? Why arnt you up in arms about Tibet? Why not just re-make the Roman Empire, give back all the land to the Romans. That would make you happy, wouldnt it? Or are you just a hypercritic , that only cares about the Jews returning the land and no on else?

1 point

The whole point about it, is that Obama is the head of State, and like you said, the Saudi king didnt bow back. In the eyes of al Qaeda and Hezbollah, what does that look like? It looks like Obama is weak and surrending to the Saudis, which Osama bin Laden came from.

1 point

That ''Palestinian land'' was taken from the Ottomans during WW1. And no, the UN created Israel, are you saying the UN did not create Israel? Plus, if you go all the way back in history, the Greeks were their first, so if you want to play that game, the land is GREEK.;=channel_page (I expecially like when it mentions that Jordon annexed the West Bank and Egypt annexed the Gaza strip.)

Since you sound exactly like Jimmy Carter, I added this video as well, and it addresses how the disputed land were debating about was in fact, Greek.;=channel_page

Too bad you never do your homework and get your history from left wing chat rooms.

3 points

I dont know where you get your info from, but the FFA even said Obama approved it. I didnt hear Obama deny or approve it, but everyone around him says he approved it. So if he didnt know, yeah hes lieing, he approved it!

2 points


I have more videos, one where they ask Obama voters why there voting for him and they would say they dont agree with McCans policys. (they would then ask the voter did Obama pick a good VP as Salin Palin, etc, said everything McCain had, and of course, all the voters said they loved Obama because of all those things, but of course it was McCains policies, ill have to find it.)

0 points

How are they aggressive. They dont even have a military, they only have a defense force, and the only time the Israels ever fired back was when Hamas or Hezbollah fired first. If someone started shooting at you, and you fired back and killed him due, would you be labeled the aggressor? No, it would be self defense.

1 point

Israel didnt build its country there, the UN did. It was a British colony and Britain gave it to the UN which divided the land.

0 points

Just shows you how liberals cant debate properlly without resorting to name calling and getting violent.

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