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You just proved out point, lol. In, the perfect world, everyone would have the same rights as men and women in the U.S. Sadly however, we dont live in that type of a world. People would have rights, if the whole world was the u.s. Go to north korea. nobody has rights except for the government. sure you could say "they have human rights' but if they use them they die. so not really accurate.

very simple.

people kill people, period.

guns dont, period. Dont believe me? Put a gun on a table and tell it to kill someone without anyone touching it. sounds stupid right? well, thats your logic so...

I think that we should respect and love everyone (As the bible tells us too) but i think the gay parades and the national homosexual days are really excessive and are completely not right and thats where i think we should draw the line.

But see i dont get that though, you gave no factual information as to why hillary is better than trump.

To be fair, your president (Obama) only played golf too. Not a good enough comeback.

No, as proven many times the so called " 0.78 per 1.00 a man makes" which is commonly thrown around my modern day feminists It is NOT TRUE. The whole calculation in the first place was made by taking the median yearly income of a working women and dividing it by the yearly income of a man. It did not include the occupation, position, education, hours worked, etc. If you go to the U.S Department of Labor Statistics it will show you that an average man works more hours than the average women, whether we like it or not, its the way it is. Many different reasons for this, but that is not my place to disguise why. Then people say that the reason women are in low paying positions is because women don't get a good enough education, yet women make up 56% of the colleges in the U.S

2 points

What I'm finding alot on the "yes" side is that you cant force people nor punish people for kneeling (not standing) for the national anthem. I agree with that. The one problem is, thats not what this original question is asking. The question asks if you can still be a patriot even if you kneel for the anthem. How can you be a patriot (Someone who loves there country) if you are showing disrespect and rebellion to our brothers and sisters that died FOR YOU to enjoy your freedom in our great country? Not just to our military, but all the people that still serve here today in our government to make sure our rights as PEOPLE are not taken away.

2 points

No we cant force people to be patriotic. Just like we cant force people to follow the law. Think about it. People say your force to follow the law, but that doesent stop people from creating the worst crimes you can think of ( Las Vegas shooting for example). So i dont think you are using the right context here. If you are an American citizen, there is a life that died for you to have the freedom you take for granted and the freedom YOU deserve and to garentee NO ONE can take it away. So, we can all agree that kneeling for the national anthem is a sign of rebellion and disrespect right? So, you rebelling and disrespecting that life that gave you the freedoms you have here today, therefore to answer the question of patriotism, you cant be a patriot if you kneel for the flag because a patriot is someone that loves there country. How can you love your country when you are disrespecting your country and your brothers and sisters that died for YOUR freedom in this great nation?

May i ask you restate the question? I'm having a hard time understanding what your trying to ask.

Yes i agree with this statement. I get that some might think that something as simple as standing for a song wont make you not a patriot, but trust me, those that lost there arm and two legs, might appreciate it if you did a simple kind and appreciative jester such as standing as a sign of respect.

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