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With the way we have handled money under the Articles, yes the people had more power but the entire country could not pay its own debt or bills with different kinds of money that had no real value outside of that state. With a Constitution we would have one currency that is backed by the entirety of our country instead of just a certain state like Rhode island having its own tiny currency

2 points

If the people could control the state leaders then issue like Shay's Rebellion would not be able to happen. The people had some power but not many assurances that someone would protect them from their own government. The Constitution sets up a fair and just system to control how much power the government can have in any one part. This balance is what can make a strong central government without hurting our own people.

1 point

Under the Constitution, the states are awarded many of the same rights then had before such as the ability to make laws and control who is elected into the senate. The part taken away from the states is the ability to manage the money. Which the main issue with each state controlling the money is that when the money is needed for something like the army everyone has to agree and then follow through with it. Some examples of this are the Revolutionary army not having shoes during Valley Forge or not being able to pay for the veterans of the Revolution. This is why a strong central government is necessary to our success as a nation and to our future as an independent country.

2 points

The articles would not be able to keep the states together. Each state wanted more land and power which eventually cause a civil war before we were even a country. The States were not a country they were like countries. No one had the authority to stop the states or the state legislatures. We need the Constitution to uphold and insure balance of power in an actual country. We need an army for when some other European King tries to take what is ours like the British did.

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