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RSS CowplopGodde

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Yes, smoking can have a long term effect on your body. Smoking can cause cancer, respiratory, and liver problems. Even if you don't have any problems while you're younger, it will bite you in the butt when you're old. My grandmother had to have a triple bypass, because she smoked for twenty years when she was younger. My grandfather recently died of esophageal cancer, and again he smoked for twenty years. Second hand smoke is bad for children and pets, and will make your house coated in a disgusting must of cigarette smoke smell. Yes, smoking kills.

CowplopGodde(8) Clarified
2 points

So your point of view is that gay marriage is just pushing an agenda? Don't forget only <1 percent of the population is homosexual, so that might be a factor in such a small amount of them getting married. Why do you think that since such a small amount of gays have gotten married means that it isn't marriage at all? the proportions of couples:married couples might be the same between heteros and homos. I'll do a bit of research, thanks for the answer. I'm not asking these questions to be hostile, I just want to learn about others' point of view. Thank you

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Humans have the wrong grasp of intelligence, in my opinion. Intelligence to most of us is how well one can solve a math problem, do grammar, etc. left brain subjects. But i think intelligence is something much more.. Emotion, and the ability to survive. Animals, (including humans) have a will to survive, embedded from millions of years of adapting, and following instinct. You know how most women have a sense of when a guy is bad news? Well, other animals have this too. When I'm not feeling well, my dog gets upset. As well as my cat. And I know of people who's horses are the same. But not just humans, animals become friends with other animals. We have all seen it. There is much evidence to prove that animals deserve equal rights as humans do. We are all animals.

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Name: Emily LD
Gender: Dame
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Independent
Country: United States
Religion: Christian-other

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