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RSS CrabCakes

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It depends on whether you're a "have", or a "have not".. The haves like what we got now, because, well, they're the haves..

How many of them started as have nots, and why should they be demonized for their success?

The have nots don't like it because, well, they're dying in the streets.

How many of the have nots are have nots due to laziness or a lack of ambition?

And why aren't they going to the Socialist ER you told us about?

1 point

Interesting, seeing as you're too stupid to comprehend why you can't pay someone infinite.

Cool dude. Explain what the maximum wage would be to us and what Excon meant by the usage of the term.

1 point

Excuse me burrito, but if you thought it was humour, then it was funny, otherwise you would not have known it was humour. Glad to be of help.

2 points

The idea of what a god's power is or isn't is subjective to each person. If each person's ideal is different, then how they view that god is different within each person. As far as some fictionalized objective ideal of a god, it really would only affect that individual, assuming they do not enforce that ideal onto others by force.

In the case of Socialism, the government is God, and worse than the theists god because it can be forced upon everyone.

1 point

Sir why are you shitting yourself? I'm confused by the self shitting of pants. Tell me.

1 point

I was told at church that God would judge the world. Are you the world sir?

1 point

Why are you sleeping with little girls sir? I don't really understand why.

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