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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Why did you ban bront for beating you soundly like a drum? Are you scared of him?

1 point

Because civilians found their allotments of sugar and meats doled out by the ounce. As a result, many kept Daschschwein or roof pigs, the term describing cats raised as food, often in rooftop cages.

-1 points

This coming from someone who wants you to have no property or free speech, and defends Sharia Law.


2 points

McDonald's should be destroyed

The guy carries on about the health of food, then puts drugs in his body. Go figure.

1 point

Do you believe in God, Yahweh, Elohim? If not, you aren't a Jew.

1 point

If you've been on this website for longer than a week, you'd KNOW there's a longstanding debate about exactly who is Jewish, and who isn't..

It says he is attacked for his "faith", not his ethnicity. No wonder you're a lib. You can't even be intellectually honest for even a second. This should explain to you why we oppose Democrats. They just lie and scheme while not even being able to verbalize what they stand for. You guys are no better than insects. You can't live in peace with bugs. Bugs think you can't be civil until you win. All you can do with bugs is beat them.

1 point

What is life worth?


1 point

It's exactly what a nationalist like Trump would want.

Left-wing nationalism

Civic nationalism

National liberalism liberalism

Nationalism Is Not Only Possible, It’s Essential

-Huffpost 2014

How nationalism can actually help democracies

-The Washington Post

1 point

Are ya gonna ship us around in box cars?? Do I have to wear my Star of David on my rags?? Are you gonna tattoo a number on me?? Are you gonna tell me to take a shower and gas me instead??

Hitler chose Palestine over the Jews. Would you like to share with us your position?

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