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RSS CrapWeasel

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Because the alternative is Hitler. Next question.

That makes no sense because Pelosi is Hitler.

0 points

Of course it sounds that way to you

Because that's what happened.

because you are a literal Nazi

There's no such thing as a literal Nazi. The Nazis all died of old age.

who just yesterday was spamming the site with Joseph Goebbels' Nazi propaganda from the 1930s.

I wasn't here yesterday. Reference my account and the days I have posted.

And, hilariously, you did that because I pointed out that you are a Nazi and you figured the best way to disprove that was by spamming the site with Nazi propaganda.

I looked through the waterfall, and it looks as if you were being compared to the Nazis because you are a Communist, which is ghe same thing as Nazism.

Every word which comes out of your horrible toxic mouth is a deliberate lie and, if I thought for a moment that I would get away with it, I would strangle the evil right out of you.

That would be murder, which is evil.

0 points

It lends weight to the argument that he's a fascist though, right?

It sounds like you are trying to convince yourself, meaning you don't actually believe it.

He's literally looking to interfere with the democratic process.

•Trump does this to troll the left all of the time. They fall for it every time.

•Obama and his minions talked about a third term multiple times.

And not just once. He's done it multiple times now and was almost impeached for it.

He wasn't almost impeached for it. He WAS impeached by the Democrat led House. You then need 2/3 of the Senate to get the conviction. They got less than 1/2.

1 point

That's right.. It's President Pelosi..

Hail to the chief!

Why are you worshipping a rich, white woman who has two $30,000 fridges stuffed with food while your people starve?

0 points

Yeah, it is stupid, because you have 3 working brain cells. Most Americans and British who fought the Nazis were Conservative Christians by today's standards, and we both know Nihilist Westerners are spoiled pussies who couldn't fight their way out of a wet napkin. You wanna watch it burn? Good. Your home and stuff goes first bitch. It'll be something to watch you beg Xi Jinping for mercy on your knees. It'd be even better if while you're down there, he unzips his pants, as a reward of course.

1 point

Oh, so a "travel ban"

The guy claims nothing was done about the Coronavirus early while left wing media said go out in public, and then you point out there was a ban that the left condemned in January. It's nice of you to disprove your own argument.

1 point


Your link. Read this for us.

"Fauci was telling people on February 29th that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large."

1 point

Your credibility vanished the first time you used Nazi propaganda to draw a false link between Communism and Nazism

It looks like Goebells and Orwell made the same connection.

0 points

Bronto, looks like we have an admittance that Nom is a far right Communist right here.

1 point

You said Hitler was a good man because you said Communism was good which Orwell said was far right.

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