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RSS Creamcheese

Reward Points:51
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

What were you doing at a band camp?

1 point

That does not look like any attempt to counter that you have no right to a service that nobody can give you.

1 point

The media are not able to realize that most people do not live in their ivory towers viewing the world througb liberal colored glasses.

1 point

More boring propaganda where you post only the polls favourable to Trump and ignore the rest


Gallup: Left of center

Least biased

1 point

Yeah, well, Hitler was able to get his approval ratings up with the same tactic …. lying.

Looks like you are unfamiliar with the liberal media.

Whether they become the accepted standard will decide whether we keep a democracy or not.

First of all, we don't have a Democracy. Second of all, your form of government hasn't budged in 3 1/2 years.

Obviously that's just one (or two) right wing polls …. maybe even three or four

Gallup: center left

Either we keep America great …. or go Trumpican.

Unemployment was 3.5%, and the DOW was 30,000 pre-pandemic.

Hopefully sanity and pride will out

The Democrats just attempted to put diversity training, climate change, $15 minimum wage, and $35 million for the JFK Center into a Coronavirus Emergency aid bill.

1 point

Because if you are stupid like you are, intelligent people seem stupid because you're too stupid to understand them.

1 point

Everything the left does is an assault on everyone. They just rotate targets over time.

1 point

Your best attack Trump attempt for the day is he listens to his advisors and does what you suggested. Oh my god, we're keeping troops in Syria. I'm underwhelmed.

1 point

The odds of someone on this site being a Nazi when not even 60 exist in America is highly unlikely.

1 point

With 17 million Germans receiving assistance under the auspices of NSV by 1939, the agency "projected a powerful image of caring and support".[4] The Nazis provided a plethora of social welfare programs under the Nazi concept of Volksgemeinschaft, which promoted the collectivity of a people's community where citizens would sacrifice themselves for the greater good. The NSV operated 8,000 day-nurseries by 1939 and funded holiday homes for mothers, distributed additional food for large families and was involved with a wide variety of other facilities.[5]

The Nazi social welfare provisions included old age insurance, rent supplements, unemployment and disability benefits, old-age homes and interest-free loans for married couples, along with healthcare insurance, which was not decreed mandatory until 1941.[6] One of the NSV branches, the Office of Institutional and Special Welfare, was responsible "for travellers' aid at railway stations; relief for ex-convicts; 'support' for re-migrants from abroad; assistance for the physically disabled, hard-of-hearing, deaf, mute, and blind; relief for the elderly, homeless and alcoholics; and the fight against illicit drugs and epidemics".[7] The Office of Youth Relief, which had 30,000 branch offices by 1941, took the job of supervising "social workers, corrective training, mediation assistance" and dealing with judicial authorities to prevent juvenile delinquency.[8]

One of the NSV's premier activities was the Winter Relief of the German People, which coordinated an annual drive to collect charity for the poor under the slogan: "None shall starve or freeze". These social welfare programs represented a Hitlerian endeavor to lift the community above the individual while promoting the wellbeing of all bona fide citizens. As Hitler told a reporter in 1934, he was determined to give Germans "the highest possible standard of living".[9]

During World War II, the NSV took over more and more governmental responsibilities, especially in the fields of child and youth labor. The expenses for the Nazi’s welfare state continued to mount, increasing significantly just before and after the beginning of World War II. In three budgetary years, the funds required by Germany's social welfare programs had more than doubled from 640.4 million Reichmarks in 1938 to 1,395.3 million Reichmarks by 1941.[10] SocialistPeople's_Welfare

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