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RSS Creamcheese

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Is that an intentional misquote?

A political scientist found that fewer than 1 in 3 of 346 such allegations was genuine.

It's literally a copy and paste from the piece. I even recopied and repasted it. Still the exact same.

1 point

but this I know for sure: a riot is what pain, frustration, and fear look like when a community does not trust that there is any other option.

The white man oppresses someone, so the white liberals' response is burn down black neighborhoods and businesses. God you idiots are stupid. And it's always a white liberal emoting this bafoonery.

1 point

There isn't any agreed upon definition since race is made up.

If race is made up, there is no racism.

Here's a proposed solution - give significant benefits to anyone of African decent no matter how far back - anyone can make the claim since everyone can claim African decent at some point (the one-drop rule to its extreme.) Then, only people who can't bring themselves to admit African decent (racists, etc.) would be negatively affected

Do the same with Asians, Whites and Hispanics. The Blacks would starve to death refusing to identify with either or any. We all know why, don't we?

1 point

False flag "hate crimes"

Who is doing the hate-crimes that are false-flag?

Jussie Smolett

Bubba Wallace

A political scientist found that fewer than 1 in 3 of 346 such allegations was genuine.

1 point

normalized child sex changes"

What's best for the child is more important than bigotry.

Child abuse is more important. You're one sick son of a bitch. How does a child know what is best for them you sick fuck?

1 point

While you are busy tossing your vote into the ocean and pretending like both parties are equally bad, the left will be taking over, and will stick your head involuntarirly up your ass. But at least you'll principles inside of that head that is involuntarily jammed up your colon.

1 point

Back in the 60's when Castro took over, the right wing fled.. They used any means necessary to get away.. But, they were fleeing Communism, not great health care.

Universal healthcare is a part of a Communist takeover. What better way to control the masses than to have the power over life and death?

2 points

Were you sleeping all through Obama's presidency? Dude! If he did NOTHING else, he got universal health care..

In a future post you say the Democrats are going to get you universal healthcare if they win.

1 point

Of COURSE. There are radical movements of ALL colors.

If the leftist masses say you are insane while being sane, you are still sane while the leftist masses are still insane.

1 point

Yeah, the French Resistance did the same thing, only they were much more extreme

2020 ANTIFA isn't the French Resistence. The French resistence knew what gender they were.

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