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RSS Creamycheese

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Because they learned where nationalism leads by reading about the second world war?

You are absolutely correct to admit that Communism is nationalistic, which is why China gulags foreigners and is closed to immigration, and Nazi Germany was Socialist.

0 points

Are the governors, who're opening up their states, bowing to politics or science?

Politics. Science says we'll have a food shortage if we stay closed, which would kill way more than any virus.

Tyson Foods takes out full-page ad: 'The food supply chain is breaking'

Tyson Foods chairman warns 'the food supply chain is breaking'

In recent weeks, the poultry producer has suspended operations at plants across the country.

0 points

They spiked the month before he made any comment because disinfectant sales went up due to Coronavirus. This has already been debunked per data.

Calls to NC Poison Control spike in March as people try to protect against coronavirus

North Carolina Poison Control said Monday it received 682 calls about household cleaners in March. That’s a 50% increase compared to March 2019, when the not-for-profit group says it got 454 calls.

Cleaners such as bleach and disinfectants are commonly involved in chemical exposures in the home, according to group, and they’re being used more during the coronavirus pandemic.

0 points

It will get better because Republicans will help them get through this and after this.

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