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8 most recent arguments.

As a lib, I find it my DUTY to gp after statues of Jesus.

Well that means MLK's statues have to come down next, seeing his crusade was in the name of Jesus.

Florida is blowing up with Covid.

Doctors around world say COVID-19 is losing its potency, becoming less deadly

Isn't that what China did?

The left ran cover for them, then it formed giant mobs in the streets. What is your point?

2 points

It's a FACT that men who only have a high school education LOVE Trump

And make bigger salaries on average, are happier, and give more to charity.

That might explain why liberals are always mad and emotional and never grateful for anything.

I'm just wondering WHY that is.

There is a group of wealthy individuals pretending to care about left wing issues in order to continue getting them to vote them back into their positions as slave handlers. They'll pretend to be anything in order to stay rich and powerful while running all of those systematically racist left wing cities. They've learned that the left is too stupid to see who runs the system and will attack their opponents rather than them, so they use these useful dumbasses to further their racist power and control.

3 points

If you’re a rich, white Democrat, you wake up each day pretending to have self-loathing, wondering how you can make the world more egalitarian. Please tax me more, you say to your elected officials. Until then, the next thing you do is call your financial advisor to inquire about tax shelters.

over a pathological internet liar and political shill who would sell his own grandmother for ten dollars.

You mean basic math.

You'll forgive us though if we take the word of professional fact checkers

You mean left wing activists.

I'm good with you using ad hominems rather than arguments. It means your beat. Congrats on the beatings buddy. Your mom should be proud. Holler up from the basement and tell her you attacked "The Sun" today while being unable to defend Socialism.

0 points


Never heard of it. Is it the thing that undresses you into humility in these debates? Asking for a friend.

you're just honestly such a child.

You want the government to take care of you.

Your propaganda is stupid.

It's video of a liberal.

If you insist on spamming the internet with it, then why do you have to keep creating new accounts?

You block anyone who would destroy you in a debate out of fear I assume. What are you afraid of "burrito"?

What's the actual point of doing that?

You answer your own question below like a dumbass.

You are creating work for yourself


and for me also

Good. More accounts it is.

since I have to declare them all as enemies to keep them out of my debates.

Ah. The retard answers its own question.

Thanks for wasting our time. Excellent work.

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