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1 point

jews .

1 point

I have now agreed with you enough to upvote for two whole posts. Sadly I doubt this will last.

1 point

Nikola Tesla knew more languages than any right winger in history because he was a socialist and the smartest person ever.

2 points

Retarded christians are not only so stupid they think you can't be a good person unless you believe in objective morality, but they are also doubly stupid for thinking that your beliefs causing you to behave more morally means they are actually true.

1 point

LOL excon conducts himself like a child molester in business yet expects people to consider him a swell guy. I would rather swell you eye.

1 point

lol grammar lezzonz frum outlewaaaawzaergs iz funny lul

yuerwr havsaae reaghnjklky hb afd fgramarmaer

1 point

I would have to say it is a form of pro far left terror culture

You should never listen to Bronto. He is showing you images of Muslims and Nazis, neither of which are left wing and that Hitler quote is fake.

1 point

Step one: you've already done it

Step two: stop doing whatever drug you're doing and smoke weed instead. Weed can fill the gap while not being as harmful and helping to manage many symptoms that you may be using other, less safe drugs to manage.

step three: Realize that you don't have to change everything at once. If you are smoking tobacco, just try to smoke less gradually. If you are having anger issues, recognize the true underlying reasons you are angry and try to mitigate it.

step four: stop being a christian and accept reality as it really is. I recommend studying evolution from a scientific perspective and re-evaluating what you have been taught from christian sources.

Step five: realize that everyone is a big fat liar and stop listening to youtube videos or MSM when it comes to politics.

step six: derive your morality from reason and empathy rather than faith or peer pressure.

step seven: stop eating the junk food that is probably fucking up your gut microbiome and effecting how neurotransmitters are balanced in your brain. (chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine among others are manufactured by bacteria in the gut and if you consume too much sugar and not enough magnesium for example it can fuck up your brain chemistry.)

step 8: eat many raw meats for the delicious neutreinsts (jk)

step nine: find new hobbies

step ten: find old hobbies that you lost

step eleven: get a puppy or kitten

step twelve have sex with the puppy or kitten

Ctrlaltdel(87) Clarified
1 point

Deserving rights and having rights are two very different things. In capitalism, the more money you have the more rights you have.

1 point

George Washington was a monarchist therefor America is a monarchy.

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