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1 point

It's annoying and rude but I see no moral wrong in doing so. Maybe they disagree but simply have no time to post an argument?

1 point

I support it. I'm not in the place to say if it's morally wrong or not, and i think it's fairer to let the woman make that choice.

1 point

All that we'd get by raising the driving age is slightly older inexperienced drivers. No matter what age driving is legal, new drivers will always be inexperienced.

2 points

If you think the government should ban nudity since it could harm you, then by the same argument they should outlaw refrigerators because they have a CHANCE of falling on you. People should be free to make their own decisions.

2 points

True but is that the women's fault? I mean it makes perfect sense for them to be payed less due to this but it's kind of out of their control.

1 point

I've always believed that relationships with smaller age gaps were better.

1 point

By saying they have a moral duty to stop them you are saying that any super power able to start a war and stop it is in the wrong by not doing so.

1 point

Rain does seem to be good at putting people to sleep. It's like crickets chirping except soothing and neat.

1 point

I think rain's benefits outweigh its drawbacks. It can be romantic and nice and it's great at cooling you off on a hot day. I mean, sure mud sucks, but i think rain is good enough to make up for it.

1 point

If you are really devoted and in love with someone, you should know EVERYTHING about them, that included.

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