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RSS CucumberHole

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Does the Consitution allow for heavy gun regulation by the federal government?

It allows for more guns, not less.

I believe that I would start off riding the pegasus & working my way up to riding the dragon.

Donald Trump thinks poor people were black in a previous life and God is punishing them.

That explains why only he got prison reform done while libs stood there with their thumbs up their ass. We'll be waiting decades for you to actually do anything for blacks other than say they're too stupid to get a voter ID.

You remind me of a girl who says she isn't easy yet always winds up with a dick in both her mouth and her ass. Does that long cock ever dislocate from your anal cavity?

0 points

Tickets to Bill and Hillary Clinton's joint "world tour" aren't selling, and in some cases are available for as little as $6, according to several ticket resale sites.

And if you don't like large crowds, you have nothing to fear.

2 points

You getting a job would lead to a better life. If someone won't take that step, they deserve shit.

If you'd went to a YMCA camp as a grown adult, as Bernie did the kibbutz, probably. He wasn't 6.

0 points

What's CRAZY on this site, is that I'll say one thing, and somebody will come along and say I said something else..

Stopping global warming would change climate cyclization. Global warming and cooling cannot and should not be stopped. The Earth won't stop cycling because we die off. It was cycling into and out of unhabitable cycles for billions of years before it decided to give us a moment of its time. Your position is based on arrogance. You actually believe you have the power to stop the Earth from its bidding.

An END to global warming will come about through INNOVATION or REGULATION?

Neither. You cannot stop climate cycles, nor should you try.

Amazing isn't it? In one debate, he claims Hitler's Christianity was to blame for Nazism. Now he finds out Catholics are overwhelmingly liberal, and he scraps his old argument.

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