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RSS Cyburwulf

Reward Points:9
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

love warewolves first off and they're way better than vampires cause wolves are faster smarter and stronger

1 point

i love both but i had to give it to the hamburgers but it was a very close run though they both put up a good fight but in the end hamburgers

1 point

whooo hoooo pizza yeah whoooo hoooo yeah is there any other hot dog thats better than piiiiiizzzzzaaaaa

1 point

man with chilli it i gives the hotdog more flava and make it taste delicioso

1 point

man with chilli it i gives the hotdog more flava and make it taste delicioso

1 point

pancakes all da way when i eat my sis in laws pancakes man it like biting into a very delicious cloud and topped with syrup

1 point

i say carlos mencia is more funny i mean dave is funny for real but if dave chappel or mind of mencia is on i'd go to mind of mencia

1 point

so he's a person just like me or u and musty tard can suck it and it stinks. Thats y it has must in it

1 point

first of all God is real rather u believe it or not why because the bible it says

1 point

guess what [email protected]?k mustard im a big boy and i eat a lot and i love hotdogs but one day i didnt have ketchup so i went to mustard i ate it and i said "what the f%$k is this uh" then i said i would never eat a hotdog with mustard so i liked it off and spit it in the trash in disgust and i drenched ketchup on the hotdog and my stomach was scared by that crap.

Winning Position: who's more funny carlos mencia or dave chappell

About Me

I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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