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RSS DBCooper

Reward Points:2194
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Cussing is prevalent in some way to make your point. Nathan you must be angry at the world.

3 points

Never is a N word that should be used.Night is a N word that should be used. Has it reached a point in society that the N word is offensive.

1 point

Oceans are rising at this time before you know it all beachfront property on the East Coast will be underwater.

1 point

Only ones that are stupid are Democrats not hard to prove that.

1 point

Obviously it depends on whom you visited in a Muslim country and that illusion makes you safe in that country.............

1 point

Muslims are not politically neutered they are religiously driven. Talking in circles is all your doing just to try and justify your opinion of a faith you will never understand.

2 points

Those that need to stamped out are Muslims and they are a serious threat but you are a Muslim defender so how can that be stamped out......

2 points

Americans are his base without them he would not have been elected. All the turmoil is being created by Democrats in the MSM and spoon fed to the minions on social media.Democrats want to regain power they better find a better candidate than Hillary.

1 point

EX VET the stock market is a roller coaster and yes you have no sense of reality.

1 point

When the subpoena comes up for Trump's taxes then notify me .........

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Winning Position: Google now flagging and burying "Offensive" content
Winning Position: Milk has made the Racist List according to One Crazy Democrat
Winning Position: When did a Tranny Bathroom Bill become an Economic Toll
Winning Position: Rachel Maddow fails miserably on Trump tax return
Winning Position: Democratic Senator's confusion that Gun Silencers make Guns Silent.

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Name: The Devil
Gender: Chap
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Christmas Island

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