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But the ads are a problem for the kids... there are very few good ads out there... and we wont be banning them. The ones which are actually harmful to children should be banned... Do you think manipulating children is right... how would feel? taking advantage of innocent children.

I dunno who the bullies are but there should not be bad things happening... being mean to each other and such.

What happened anyway? We could debate about who is right and who is wrong... but we should not do that. You reported them... so just wait?

Lion king or Finding Nemo can choose. I like both of them because they give me good thoughts and make me think... and I know this funny thing about Lion King. Maybe i prefer Lion King more...

We should not have trolls and bullies on this website. Maybe report them if they are being rude? I have no idea about whats happening but I will be careful.

Good luck on staying away from the bullies!

I like Ismaila! You give very good points and do not be mean... you are fair.

Some people are means some people are nice... You never know what is really behind a person... if that makes sense?

I always try to be nice to people and people say I am very nice but what i think is if someone is nice be nice to them but if someone is mean be mean to them. Respect!

It depends on how many they have in the first place... Every country has diffrent ways which ONLY work for them and MIGHT work for others.

2 points

It is not quite "Clear" as well... you have not provided any information.

-1 points

That is not completely true... there are different fields or areas

Very good points...

1) It will be harder for criminals to find and they could get caught... If a criminal finds it people can be in danger because they could die before the police come... they could maybe transport guns? but i think that could be caught and MORE bad people will be put in jail because the person who transported it is not to give guns. WITH and WITHOUT guns the chance of getting killed is not much... If you are in open i doubt you would have a gun... If you are at home where there's burglary they don't often use guns... in the UK we don't see burglaries with guns often but i did hear quite a while ago someone on a gun rampage in Legoland...

2) Police can be very quick they are just somewhere around the area... Usually the police arrive before someone gets killed.

3) If you get a gun license you could easily go outside and kill a bunch of people.... very very easily

4) People can kill people if they do not have tools. We cant control people! we can just arrest them but then people keep doing it!

5) The ways to kill people are limited to crime rates get lower... and Japan is a big place I think they might need guns or something... it kind of depends a bit.

6) Learn about firearms really well then get a gun!

7) Crimes leads to more Crimes... We need to reduce the chances of crimes Compare USA with UK and see the diffrence... UK is safer.

I think to get a gun you must know a lot about them and firearms and those sorts of things... I think military should be only to use it maybe some very experienced if there is some which i think there is..

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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