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2 points

It's nice to see that none of you have any idea what you are talking about. Have you ever heard of Pre-Crisis, Silver Age Superman? Well, back to about 1956-1970 Superman could literally sneeze out a Solar System, blow out a star like a birthday candle, re-ignite stars with his heat vision, move at speeds far in excess to the speed of light, not to mention survive the force of "100 Galaxies" being thrown at him, among many, many outlandish things such as the stated above. There is absolutely no chance for Goku.

1 point

So, you're calling yourself an asshole. That makes sense.

1 point

I'm not saying that the students shouldn't be punished. I'm saying they shouldn't be punished by their teachers. Teachers and students alike should NOT curse, and they should all be punished according to the rules.

1 point

Yes, that was a typo thank you for pointing that out. Why should teachers be able to discipline their students? What would make that right? The teachers have no responsibility to discipline other people's children, however, if the student has misbehaved, the student should be sent to the office by that teacher. So what if the children curse all day long? Does that make it right? The adults are supposed to follow the rules of conduct just as the children are-- If teachers or students do not follow the rules, that does not make it right.

And you didn't answer my question. Why are high school students attempting to get an education for themselves 'delinquents'?

1 point

the students or teachers should swear. It's against rules of conduct. What makes highschool students getting an education for themselves delinquents? If the admistration wants to set rules to limit the students conduct, they should adhere to those rules. Unless they want to be hypocrites.

0 points

This isn't a debate about equality. It's a debate about whether or not teachers should obey the rules they impose upon their students. Not about homework or assignments, but about the rules of conduct that one should follow. You're metaphor looks solid at first glance, but give it say, five seconds of thought. We are NOT debating about whether or not teachers should do the same work as the students - That's clearly ridiculous. What we are talking about is the rules of conduct that should be followed, unrelated to the assignments of the 'worker'. And administrator should do his/her job, a teacher should do his/her job, a student should do his/her job, but they should all adhere to the same rules of conduct. So, Like I said, imposing a rule while not following it yourself is hypocrisy.

1 point

The liberal punks out there generally want bigger government, as in, tyranny, not anarchy. Conservatives lean more towards anarchy then the liberals.

0 points

No, all the idiotoc hollywood morons are liberal, so that would be a noo

1 point

Anyone who imposes a rule but doesn't follow it is a hypocrite.

1 point

I judge people by the content of their character, not by the color of their skin.

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