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RSS DaWolfman

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2 points

Good thing she said something that implied a school-life long studying of the language and not just two years.

You seriously don't know how to read.

3 points

Yes we are born naked and therefore should all go naked?

If you want to, then why not..? Outlawing clothes is not apart of my argument, the choice is.

We are also born with the ability to have sex with anyone, should we then have intercourse with our parents, children, siblings? To satisfy our desires is only natural isn't it?

Having sex with anyone seems a bit ludicrous don't you think? No I don't believe we should eat other people, fornicate with whomever or rape children.

The choice to be clothed or not is simply a choice that would physically effect the nude person, and possibly visually upset a viewer.

There are boundaries which humans follow, being clothed is not truly one of them. I have spent nearly entire days nude with my wife, am I an animal? No, the need for clothes simply wasn't present. There are nude beaches all over the world. Why? Because people like to be naked sometimes, it allows for optimal tanning. Are these people barbarians? No, simply people that choose to not wear clothes. There are entire nudist colonies that simply go about unclothed, and guess what; they continue to live just fine and just as humans.

The difference between wearing or not wearing clothing and murdering someone for their flesh are so utterly different from each other to link them together in a form of 'my argument is complete chaos' is insane. What I am suggesting already exists, just not in a blanket sense. Only in small areas. Where nudity is accepted in many places across the civilized world, I know not of a single one where cannibalism and rape are.

3 points

I would never condone bullying under any circumstance as it can be completely traumatizing.

But I was harshly bullied by my older brothers as a kid, and I have to say that because of them military life ( whether it be deployments or just basic training ) has been somewhat easier than had I not gotten my ass kicked repeatedly by them.

3 points

Mother of God... ;)

2 points

I don't get how the trap he fell into was an obvious one, past tense was used in the rebuttal where Poisonous said that they should be presently ruling the world and the rebut to that was And... that is exactly what we did. Which puts the implication that England no longer runs the world ( which it doesn't ), which was Poisonous' point.

How it was a trap is completely unbeknownst to me, as the rebut was solidifying Poison's argument.

1 point


Do I win a cookie?

2 points

That is in fact not what Obama has said.

And if it was true: no I would not agree. Being in a danger zone should ( and does ) constitute for hazard pay.

2 points

Crypto Linguist in the USAF.

2 points

People die everyday, so I am in fact not surprised by the death of a person.

1 point

Being arrested for being nude in public is like someone telling you that you can't think.

In fact it is not, people are not arrested for performing an intangible process that is only perceivable to the one conceiving the intangible process. Being arrested for being nude in public is just someone breaking the law by doing something illegal. And if laws are not upheld then what kind of society do you want to live in?

"i don't want to be a fat naked obese man or woman." Why? It is due to the fact that it is unpleasant.

Who wants to be fat? I would actually go so far as to say people don't want to be fat due to health reasons. Which is probably why obesity is a major health topic, not because people don't like the way fat people look; more so due to fat people developing health issues in a general sense.

If there was a law that nudism would be allowed, we will all get used to it mentally eventually.

Humans do have a tendency to adapt.

Am i right? lol

Well if someone doesn't want to wipe down their seat with a sanitary napkin or put a towel down then that is their own fault for contracting a disease by sitting on a chair. Drinking chlorine, lead paint, paint, ink, Drain-O, and many other substances will kill you, but they are not illegal to purchase. Same concept. If nudity is legal, then people can do something stupid and sit on a dirty bus seat without cleaning it and contract a disease ( <-- that would be stupid ) or a relatively intelligent nude could simply put a towel down on the seat or clean the seat off.

Im saying "Yes" because nudism is a natural right. How? I can't really prove that. We are born naked. And wearing clothes as a law doesn't seem right to me.

Then why are you arguing with me about proving points, when you make a statement in a factual format and follow it by stating that it is something you can't prove?

About Me

"Rorschach's Journal. October 12th, 1985:"

Biographical Information
Name: Rorschach 
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Solomon Islands
Postal Code: 00000

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