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RSS DaddyTang14

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1 point

It's not that hard to learn how to use a gun. I'm 15, and in just 3 hours, when I was 12 years old, I learned how to safely use a rifle, pistol, and shotgun.

Why can we trust the people LIKE US in the military with automatic weapons, tanks, and explosives to defend our own country but we can't trust ourselves to defend our own lives?

I do, however, agree with the fact anyone willing to buy a gun should take some kind of safety course or such, and we should make it a law.

3 points

True, it's circumstances such as those where it's an exception that you shouldn't defend yourself, unless the police officers is literally trying to kill you.

3 points

Guantanamo Bay should be an example what happens to people who threaten in such inhumane ways. I don't think it's about striving to be better than our enemies. Rather, it's exposing them to what they intended to do to us.

1 point

If you consider self-defense murder, then yes. In a world like this you can only let aggressors kill you or you kill them. Every human has the right to live, but if they have the thoughts of maiming, strangling, and murdering me first, they're sick monsters that should die.

I believe in the death as punishment for such sick people. Just think, do you think Hitler had the right to live? How about Seung-Hui Cho, who laughed as he shot his victims at Virginia Tech?

2 points

I don't agree all too much with violence either, but you can only fight fire with fire.

If someone is trying to kill you you aren't going to sweet talk them to stop, you're going to use whatever is necessary to save your own life. That could include violence and even taking your aggressor's life. I believe violence is only justified in self defense.

5 points

What's the government made of? People. What's the military made of? People. What's all of America made of? People.

If we can trust our government and military with automatic weapons, tanks, and explosives to defend our country, why is it we can't rely on the people of America to defend themselves?

There is only ONE cop for every 2000 people in the U.S. I believe. Congress itself said that it is not their duty to defend us as individuals, only as a whole, which is unapplicable when it comes to a robbery, rape, or murder.

Every human has the right to live. However, a "human" with a sick intent of murdering, raping, and maiming with long list of such words, is hardly what I would call a human. I call them a monster. Think, do you believe Hitler had a right to live? What about the 911 terrorists? What about Seung-Hui Cho, who laughed as he shot his victims at Virginia Tech?

The average response time for cops is a minimum of 5 minutes, with no definite maximum quota. It only takes about 5 seconds for a crime to happen, and much less for someone to be stabbed or shot to death.

Wouldn't you think if criminals have guns, you should in fact have one to defend yourself should you ever become a victim? You anti-gun people bash on gun owners who prey on the defenseless people. You, as a person against guns, are in fact helpless too, but you do not have to be. It is not complicated, guns do not take superior skill to use if they make murder so easy. I'm part of a shooting program, and in only 3 hours they taught kids as young as 7 how to safely handle weapons, and never in the 50+ years it's been around has there been an accident.

Someone once told me, "If you give the criminal what he wants, he won't kill you." Yeah really, as if EVERY criminal was after your money. Criminals have different intents, anywhere from your money to your life. Your life is a potential target no matter what the intent is. Would you rather be mangled, mutilated, and murdered or have to explain why you shot that thug in the chest? Do not misinterpret this, but there are criminals that exist who do not wish to even harm someone. However, what right and reason would they have to steal from you, scare you, threaten your life, and maybe even kill you?

Another thing someone told me, "Dude you have no chance without a gun, even with one you only have about a 3% chance." Bullsh*t. Even if it really was a 3% chance, I think I'd rather have that 3% chance to live than nothing, even the smallest percent is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

If guns are banned, do any of you think criminals or "law abiding" citizens will abide by it?

Though they may be faulty, some criminals know how to manufacture their own guns. Despite being faulty, they are still guns, and they can still kill. Therefore, in a society with outlawed weapons, a massive black market will arise with criminally manufactured weapons and weapons that already exist. The same thing is going on for marijuana, cocaine, and meth, and the method of sale and purchase is no different for guns. How? Because drugs are illegal, and if guns are too, then they will just be circulated the exact same way.

Clearly we can't trust our the people and criminals with guns, but we can trust them to follow the laws? We would ultimately create more criminals because a majority of the 90 million gun owners like myself would not abide by it.

If guns are banned, it wouldn't prevent suicide. People will just start hanging themselves or drive off a cliff.

I don't believe everyone should have a gun. Law-abiding citizens who know how to use it should. By no means should anyone who is mentally insane, a felon, or simply ignorant be able to use one. Keep in mind anti-gun people complain about accidents or tragedies that happen because someone didn't know how to use a gun. You are, in fact, one of those people who does not know how to use a gun. Therefore, you are helpless, ignorant, and have no right to tell people who do know how to use guns what to do.

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