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RSS Daegonius

Reward Points:331
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2 points


Nom? Is that you?

half wits

Yep...That's definitely you.

1 point

@stupid excon

They can't use physical force.

Yes they can, they can force their kids to go to church or spank them if they don't praise the lord.

parents are FREE to practice any religion they choose, and practice it any way they like...

Which includes indoctrinating their children and using threats, intimidation and violence if they don't conform (i.e spanking, "you won't get any supper tonight if you don't say grace" etc.)

0 points

You should eat dicks for lunch and have your head inserted into a cows anus.

1 point


Shut up ass wipe, I wouldn't even use your face to clean my toilet.

1 point

Hey paedophile

Hey beastiality practicing necrophile.

Of course there are many absolute truths.

The only thing that is real is absolute truth, even the fact that most people believe in things that aren't true is part of the absolute truth. Therefor your original point is meaningless.

you're a plagiarist;- you search the internet to find quotes which you embarrassingly present as your own.

I've never done that, can you provide even one example?

your head has the remaining 5% of the world's shit that couldn't quite fit into Numbertwos.

My head is full of neurons, any one of which contains more truth than your entire brain.

1 point


Hey doofus, reality doesn't care what anyone believes. Just because humans don't know the truth and disagree about what they think is the truth doesn't mean there isn't a truth.

1 point


You don't get what I am saying at all. I am not denying that you are ashkenazi jewish, I believe you. What you don't get is that you are not an actual HEBREW and the actual hebrew bloodline is so diluted that calling yourself a jew because of your DNA is like calling yourself a neanderthal because you are european. So either jews don't exist anymore or judaism is a religion.

1 point

I like to suck monstroseous sasquatchian wankshafts like my tongue is an octopus tentacle.

Daegonius(331) Clarified
2 points


If jews are a race does that mean no one can convert to judaism if they aren't born jewish? Ah but that's the thing, ashkenazi jews have very little real hebrew blood, in fact the hebrew genes are so diluted that any "jew" has very little if any. So I guess jews don't exist since they where a race. It's like calling yourself black because you have 0.00001% african DNA

Daegonius(331) Clarified
1 point


The test I put up there is much more accurate.

It's not hard to believe that you got 180, as we both already said the test I had up there isn't very accurate.

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Winning Position: infinity

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: Daegonius Bonaparte
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Burkina Faso
Religion: Agnostic

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