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RSS DanBongino

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Come on lib. Tell us about you 5 bazillion puppet accounts. Tell us about how Daddy dressed you like a princess as a child, and that's why you whine like a little girl nonstop.

1 point

Come on lib. Tell us about the fantasy world you wake up in every day and try to convince yourself exists.

2 points

How do ya feel about the last adult leaving the room?

It's the liberal media talking point word for word. Do you guys get together and pass out pamphlets so you use the exact same talking points every day? Is that what is happening here lib?

3 points

Well lets think about it a minute lib. Libs tell us the Earth is about to be uninhabitable, and we should colonize the moon. What's going to protect you in space? Walls? Is the answer walls lib?

If the reds start attacking us with futuristic weapons in a hundred years, can we put up our futuristic wall like shields? Is that allowed lib, or should we all bend over & grab our collective ankles because libs want to use feelings and emotions to dictate military policy?

1 point

How do you go about funding the left? Is there a website or a "the left fund"?

1 point

Judge Judy is a Jewish broad

She's literally fully, 100% Lebanese.

(Picture of Lebanese people)

2 points

Whataboutism, is EXCUSING Trump because some Democrat did worse

Whataboutism is a word hypocrites use when trying to get you to not point out their bigotted standards towards only one group of people.

2 points

But, she cannot keep her contempt for people of color under wraps..

Lib. You missed a very important fact. Judge Jeanine is a person of color.

Jeanine Ferris was born 1951 in Elmira, New York, to Nasser "Leo" and Esther (née Awad) Ferris, both first-generation Lebanese-Americans

1 point

There was one for a short time.. It was struck down because it's not Constitutional..

Let's examine your statement lib. 95% of the Muslim world had no ban.

There was a ban on a handful of countries that Obama had on his own list of "unvettable nations".

The Supreme court held up the ban. Looks like you're wrong once again. Are you tired of being proven a liar or ill informed? Are you ready to tap out lib?

1 point

Show us one shred of evidence of Trump and Putin. Wait a second. You have none. We only have proof of the left selling them our weapons grade uranium that we don't have much of but need. Treason. You have heard of it lib?

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