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RSS DantasticOne

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3 points

Of course they are racist. There are NO reasonable reasons for NOT being supportive of multi-racial dating. Humans are all the same. The only difference is which part of the world your ancestors happened to settle.

Now, not dating someone based on how attactive they are, their belief system and religion might be acceptable. But not dating them due to the sole reason of race is being a racist.

By the way, people have no say in how others choose to live their life as long as they are not affecting you in a negative way.

3 points

You are totally entitled to your opinion, but I just feel you are getting a bit off topic. Islam is not a synonym for terrorism. Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Indonesia all have problems with terrorism, yet are not in the Arab world. Terrorism and democracy, that is a totally different question. You should edit the discussion to either that or the existance of democracy in the Arab world.

1 point

The question asked if Islam and democracy can coexist. Your own example of Turkey shows that yes they can coexist. The question wasn't if the Arab world and democracy can coexist, that is a totally different question. The majority of muslims live outside of the arab world. Turkey, a secular nation with a muslim majority proves that those two can coexist. Another example of such a country is Albania.

1 point

Destroying terrorism using violence will never work. It is a band-aid solution that does not address the underlying problem, whether its poverty, discrimination, religion, corruption etc. Fighting with ideas is the way to defeat terrorism. We need to counter religious propoganda/indoctrination with rationality, counter corruption with transparency.

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