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RSS Dante243

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Dante243(7) Clarified
1 point

It did take away about 700,000 jobs but it also created 5 million jobs.

1 point

NAFTA is great idea. It has increased trade by 4x, it increased the US's economic growth, profits, and it also created over 5 million jobs within the US. It even increased many individual's average wages.With NAFTA, it increased the imports and the exports that the US receives.

1 point

The Nuclear Deal with Iran is a great idea. This deal is not only benefiting the US but also Iran as well. We are limiting/cutting their resources but at the same time, we are helping out Iran's economy. Iran wanted a couple things out of this deal such as lifting the sanctions, and the US agreed to lift them if Iran follows through with the principle requirements(which will be lifted this year).

1 point

To add on, the constitution seems to be moving towards monarchy. We just got away from that. Which is why we should keep the Articles, which is for the people.

2 points

We should keep the Articles because the Articles goes more into detail about each topic than the Constitution does. The articles seems to be more for the people and the Constitution seems to care more about the government. I mean there are perks for both sides but the Articles has better reasons.

1 point

To add on, this option is good, because North Korea have or might have ICBMs. Having the US try to negotiate with North Korea, could avoid the chances of going to war with North Korea, which might put South Korea and Japan at stake, and maybe China as well.

1 point

I chose option 2. It may seem very risky to do but it is one of the most reasonable options. North Korea has been in the dark for years. But according to , it states that opening the six party back up will have communication, which will/can lead to helping rebuilding their economy and their relationship with the US and other countries. I believe that this may be also a good way to reason with North Korea.

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