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RSS Darcovian

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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

With the amount sex is publicised now and womens behaviour towards men im really not surprised if they do, in nowadays society women are currenyly sleeping with more than men currently anyway.

1 point

Viewing Child Pornography is a criminal Act, You need to have the necessary mens rea in order to view as its not so easily accessible as normal porn is, yes you can google child pornography but just by doing that act you have shown that you have an interest in looking at it. Although the defence of duress is highly applicable in this but I dont know why anyone would have any reason to tie someone to a chair and force them to view child porn

1 point

Every generation could argue this one i.e. " kids have got it so easy now we invented the wheel they just roll everywhere." The fact of the matter os thy are not. Children nowadays are born into a world that constantly judges them and tries to remove their childhood via ads about sex make up etc. With the accessibility of the internet it is influencing them to become recluses and become lazy, the internet ruined kids and adults alike.

1 point

As far as im aware there is a report button but im not sure how that process goes but cudnt that be used to remove that kind of troll from here, i just think that a supreme court 1) will lead to unfairness and 2) excessive when we have an option to ban people. again if sum1 was accused of trolling and they wern't and it went through the supreme court and a ban was passed it would create uncertainty between members

3 points

The idea of anarchy is a sound one as everyone liked the idea that theu create their own rules in which they follow however it would mean the decline of humanity.

What would happen is that instead of communities you would create gangs or clans of people. Disputes may be solved by wars between clans rather than diplomatic agreements and things would turn into conflicts of power rather than eArning ypur items by conventional methods. The whole idea of our society is that everyone works together so that everyone may live confartably but obviously by removing thst you are essentially sertting the whole worldto compete against each other for survival

1 point

My point is, if being homosexual is considered " gay from birth" then criminals can be criminals from birth, both can be seen as abnormalities of the mind

1 point

Alcoholics and obesity are seen as deviance more than criminal, i think somewhere around 70&#xof; crimes committed are by repeat offenders so what that says to me is that they were born criminal as it is something that they cannot help doing

1 point

The same argument could be said about gay people as they have had no sexual attraction towards the same sex before they were 1 but it is universally accepted that they are born that way. Look at the pedophile example i used.

1 point

Define troll on a debating site. I don't think it would be a good idea, creating something of a supreme court with a site like this. Giving a group that kind of power can lead to creating an elitest group the power to deny some peoples views and push forth any biases certain members of this court may have. It would only work if it were to act like a true supreme court in the fact that it only deals with issues that affectthe entirety of members but u must also ask yourself what do define as a troll on a site like this and by defining this u must always stick with the precedents that are created in order to achieve cerainty and fairness between members. Long story short , what one person considers a troll others consider as a serious debating topic or idea .

1 point

I do agree with that however in order to be guilty of committing a crime you need the necessary mental element (mes rea) in order to commit a criminal act a good example is pedophiles who are considered criminals and it is argued that pedophiles are born to become pedophiles. I guess the question I should be asking is can someone be born with criminal intent or is it a form of nurturing that the criminal intent is formed from?

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