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RSS DarkStar666

Reward Points:51
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1 point

You believe life has objective value derived from a magical sky fairy that popped out of the ether.

1 point

I'm going to use a turkey baster to squirt turkey juice down your pants and then buy you a new pair of pants with my mom's money after I leave my mommy's basement for the first time in 6 years.

DarkStar666(51) Clarified
1 point

I hope you get the virus and live to enjoy having the virus.

What if someone got a virus, but it mutated in such a way that it actually became beneficial and symbiotic while in their body? What if it gave them super powers?

1 point

When you really think about it, the average dem agrees with the average republican on more than they disagree on. They serve the same plutocratic system at the end of the day and perpetuate a slightly different version of the same thing. Democrats want to preserve the system just as much as conservatives which makes them conservatives, it's just that they want to give the slaves and commonfolk a little more reason to feel like they are treated fairly to stave off actual, meaningful change. A real leftist is someone like Bernie Sanders, who actually wants to change the system from plutocracy to social democracy. You have been trained to consider him a radical leftist by American standards but what the American establishment finds acceptable exists in a tiny box and the fact of the matter is that American liberals are centrists and classical liberalism (i.e conservatism in today's capitalist world) is centre-right to centre-left on the universal scaling of things in the political spectrum, as opposed to America's narrow and biased version of it.

1 point

Borders are a social construct bro .

1 point

i will advocate for their right, to have healthcare. i am not a liberal, but i agree, that healthcare, is a right.

yOU ArE A RadIcal CommUNiST

DarkStar666(51) Clarified
1 point

Don't feel bad dude, most of the people here would be happy to hear that I got the virus. They would literally hope it killed me if I did.

1 point

Thanks dawg. I will be stealing all of your tracks and rapping over them to make my debute album.

1 point

you're leavin' the place with your testicles slit

I'll be usin' you as a receptacle bitch

pull down my pants take intestinal shits

in your mouth while I'm throwing eclectical fits

induced by the drugs, I ingest em' all quick

your anus can get the whole dick

and the testicles too if it will let them both fit

intestinals rip

and I stretch the hole, split

your anus in half then eat it out like a vegetable dish

1 point

Nom is a bitch ass penis jew

whereas I am smoking a big fat genius zoot

my big-shaft penis spews thick ass semen sploog

it blasts cream into

your bitch ass, seed is oozing

out your thicc crack, betwixt that scenic view

of the buttocks which has been abused

split that, hit that, stick that penis through

you can't even fit that cause' my dick shaft's freakin' huge

and Nom is a mismatched piece of poo

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Winning Position: Fascism is centre-northeast on the political spectrum
Winning Position: Most Democrats are conservatives (seriously think about it)
Winning Position: Agree

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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