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RSS Darkb456

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1 point

Because in a group that small, everyone's watching everyone. Yes communism can work in small groups but when applied to a group larger than a single illager the system starts to break apart. You can get alway with it in large groups, becuse they have to have more impersonal governance.

1 point

Not to mention men also have better spatial awareness. Now I know this study only says that heterosexual men drive better, but I'm only using this sentence to pad this out because I feel the link itself makes the point well enough.

1 point

Science actually suggests that men actually feel about half as much pain as women do. The exception is child birth since the mother's body has spent the entire gestation building up natural painkillers in preparation.

Supporting Evidence: half as much pain (
3 points

What about Cleopatra, who seduced Julius Ceasar in order to use her newfound position in the roman government to stage a coup against her brother.

2 points

It's an accusation one party made of another and then they made the same accusation right back and it's all mud-slinging really

2 points

There's one simple reason communism can't work, simple human nature. Humans, like all animals, seek to amass influence and resources for themselves and no matter what system we use, someone will always use their postition to acquire them, the difference is that under capitalism, it's the businessmen, under communism, it's the government. People will always do this and changes the system will only change who succeeds and how.

1 point

And that's assuming you can find a buyer for ALL the assets at current value. There's no guarantee.

1 point

then why did you make an argument? How could you give an argument if you don't even know what the subject is?

1 point

You will have 5 men competing for 1 woman in a squad of 6. This breaks unit cohesion (esprit decor). 1 or more of the males will choose to save the female over a male who is injured worse.

Where did you get that from, a manga?

2 points

Yeah, because all men are respected solely because they have a penis. I'm going to tell you a secret, a secret so secret that no one's ever even descovered it. no, it's time it got out and here it is. get ready to have you're mind blown into a pulsar. don't get respect simply for having a penis.

Shocking isn't it? Yes, it's almost as though people are expected to earn respect by something like, I don't know, doing something other complaining about every little thing and expecting everyone else to go out of their way to fix it. Stop the world, this word is offensive and nobodies doing anything until I get an apology.

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Biographical Information
Name: Bradley Calkins
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Political Party: Other
Country: Canada
Postal Code: 00000
Religion: Other
Education: High School

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