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RSS Darksider

Reward Points:39
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10 most recent arguments.
1 point

Thor would show up and kick both their asses. Then he would grab a beer and fly back to Asgard.

1 point

If they feel offended because the government isn't endorsing their religion over all others, then maybe THEY should be the ones to get out of the country. Though, I doubt that the majority of Christians, Muslims or Jews really care what the pledge says.

2 points

I like Folk Metal, Power Metal, and Melodic Death Metal. Pretty much anything metal.

1 point

No, I haven't seen any GOOD evidence for his existence.

But even if he is proven to exist, I still wouldn't worship him.

1 point

If there's life on this planet, I don't see why there couldn't be life anywhere else.

1 point

A benevolent god wouldn't have created a place like Hell in the first place...

2 points

Christian dogmatic hypocrisy at it's finest.

But think about it this way... Do you really want all the Christians to follow all of that horseshit in their book that tells them to stone adulterers, kill witches, and treat women like property?

2 points

The meaning of life is what YOU make of it, there is no greater purpose.

2 points

Nah, I think I'll serve a God that ISN'T an egomaniacal jackass.

2 points

I would cure humanity, for it is the deadliest disease to ever plague the planet Earth.

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