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RSS DarthPrime

Reward Points:38
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10 most recent arguments.
0 points

Burritolunch says aliens led by Satan created humans on another site

On another debate site, Nom admitted to being a Satanist and claimed he believed that humanity was created by aliens who were led by Satan.

He then admitted he was put in a psych ward after sacrificing a baby goat and put on meds which helped him to stop worshipping Satan.

Proof that it is burritolunch AKA Nom-

1 point

All Marxist leaders do the opposite of what Marx wrote once they get power.

1 point


1 point

Tacos gets my vote. I likes the crunchiness.

1 point

Because of what the nipples is attached to.

1 point

Trump has completely rolled the Democratic Party in every category.

2 points

Drinking brings out who you really are & kills your desire to be fake.

1 point

The hot female elf that wasn't in the book, so the SJWs implanted her anyway.

1 point

Who here thinks I'm sexy?

I think everyone is sexy especially you.

3 points

Things were fine until the Libs started coddling Islam like a child. Now it's happy to destroy them.

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