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RSS Daryn

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1 point

I think it should remain illegal. Firstly, we should made other alternatives avaliable to these women who are engaged in prostitution to earn a daily meal. Secondly, what kind of parental or moral exmaple would they be setting for their children? Thirdly, many women who engage in prostitution gets in contact with the worng set of people who are drug dealers or dangerous criminals which can be dangerous for them. I strongly believe we should consider other alternatives.

1 point

If the maker of the graffiti work considers herself an artist, it is art. If you consider art as that product was is deliberately made with the intention to affect senses and emotions, then graffiti that is intended as art should be considered as art.

The starting point is the artist and the subjective experience of humans. Then, if someone considers graffiti vandalism (because they feel their wall is vandalized) it doesn't make it vandalism.

1 point

From my point of view nowadays if you are a straight, white, male, not a drugaddict or alcoholic, if you have a nice job and do not have aids - you are the most discriminated person ever.

I mean come on there are organisations that fight for women's rights. For gay's rights. For black's rights. For everyone's rights except for normal guys) I think we should really start bothering about majority rights being discriminated.

1 point

Smoking tobacco kills more than alcohol, drug abuse, car crashes, murders, suicides, and fires combined. World-wide some 3 million people die from smoking each year, 1 every 10 seconds. Smokers are more than 20 times more likely to develop lung cancer than non-smokers, and smoking can lead to a host of other health problems, including emphysema and heart disease.

One of the main responsibilities of any government is to ensure the safety of its population, that is why taking hard drugs and breaking the speed limit are also illegal. It would therefore be reasonable to ban smoking - an activity which kills millions of people each year.

Smoking tobacco not only gives the smoker a high chance of an early grave it gives those around him/her the same chances due to second hand smoke. What does all of this lead to? An irresponsible government that lets Americans continue to poison ourselves and do nothing about it.

1 point

I do feel sorry for anyone who can't marry the person of who they want to spend the rest of their life with. However, those who choose to go with their desires and follow the gay path with all it's goods also have to accept it's bads. Marriage is accepted as a bond between Man and WIFE. With it comes legal and moral rights and obligations. And some of us do actually still respect them. There are alot of people who aren't able, for one reason or another to marry the partner of their choice, who aren't gay. Do you think a brother and sister should be able to get married if they fall in love. Certain religions will only allow men from their religion to marry women from their religion.And a man who respects that religion will abide by that rule Some nationalities wont allow interracial marriages.. Certain States apparently do recognise gay marriages so if you want to get married as a gay couple and have it recognised than move to that state. But i don't think it should be accepted across the board, which will probably piss off alot of the gays that I know.

3 points

Many children and some parents believe that school uniform should be banned because they are too expensive and that they should wear their favourite clothes but this not actually what school uniform all about. I, and so do many other parents and children, believe that school uniform should not be banned because children look smart in uniform, reduces costly ‘fashion show’ competitions and also saves parents’ time from choosing which clothes their child should wear. This is because children look the same in school uniform; uniform does not cause bullying and saves our parents’ money.

School uniform also represents the school, gives the school a good name around the country and also saves parents’ time from choosing which clothes their child should wear.

Therefore, I personally believe that children should continue to wear school uniform.

1 point

I personally do not practice being a vegetarian. I honestly couldn't imagine life without meat or meat products...but, I am sure their are people who grew up on worms and such which I could never eat. So, I am not sure if being a vegitarian is wrong, but I am not so shure being a carnivore is so wrong either. I guess it is ok to practice either but not to force either.

1 point

I think that Kaddafi's policy was correct because he as a president made a lot of really good things to his country. One of it he closed NATO's military bases. Only at Muammar negro of the south of Libya have found the human rights. I think that he was a victim of imperealists plot.

2 points

Yes,this type of food is very harmful for student's health. But you see there are some situations when there is no another way only eating fast food. For example in my school I had a very short brakes and I had time to eat only fast food.

3 points

Yes, they should know what is a real life. But you see firstly children should learn to distinguish where is good and where is bad. Also parents should explain that violence only for plot of the film. Otherwise children will think that everywhere only violence: shooting,murders...!

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