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RSS Dave123

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2 points

Yes...yes I did and I think he deserved it.

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters

3 points

ok I will agree with you on the controller.But home is a huge wast of money you have to pay real money to get a digital chair -_- ya now my person can sit down! FTW! no never

4 points

ok I like both consoles the same but the Xbox has way more exclusives and alot of them are really good! so my challenge for the ps3 fans are to list all the ps3 exclusives and then all the Xbox's and then we will take out all the good games and we will see which has the most games.

1 point

ya but the Xbox has way better exclusives and we lost metal gear to Microsoft so really there is not alot that sony has now. But I was impressed with this years E3 conference and there are some cool looking titles coming to ps3 like heavy rain (if anyone has ever played indigo prophecy will think its a awesome game) the last guardian (witch is a continuation on Shadow of the Colossus) Xero has a point with the natel thing it looks really awesome but the ps3 motion thing look pretty cool. The main reason I say that is because I need something in my hand to make it feel real but that's the only problem for me. But I still think that the Microsoft's creepy kid interface think is going to be skynet in the future lol :P

1 point

OMG Xero this kid is on my there is no way ps3 can come back from it's bad start off. By the way this is a debate shit face, I have a ps3 and I have to agree with Xero, Xbox has everything that the ps3 has and more. You can't just say that he is poorly educated with out stating some fucking facts. That just makes you seem poorly educated, because in the long run the ps3 is the the cheaper thing because we save money for on-line wile they have to pay for it...fucking hypocrite.

1 point


The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters.

1 point

You are a creepy kid

fucking minimum length for an argument is 50 characters

3 points

so true, whats the best thing that Bowser made....that clown thing he flies around in. :/

1 point

Ya but as plans go Bowser's is not the best. Wile Robotnik has have manny different planes ( Even though they all revolve round the emeralds) they all have something thats radically new and different. Wile Bowser tries the same thing over and over again and the thing is no one can debate that because the biggest plan he had was to steel Peach's castle in Mario galaxy and he already did that in paper Mario.

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