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RSS DaveRubin

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1 point

At one time it was, but the left turned it into a lawless, entitled, third world hell hole.

1 point

Give me your solution for women living in rural areas that have no police force or presence of any kind when an intruder tries to rob, kill or rape them.

1 point

I hate to tell you this, but the population is completely aware that the left created "A Day without white people, told Cuban refugees to get bent and kicked migrants out of Martha's Vineyard. We all know Democrats are full blown racists. It's no secret. And the fake media already tried this tactic before on Trump, and he still won. And even better yet. This provably non working tactic won't override Trump's stellar record compared to Biden being the worst President in American history. All of the uninformed voters who voted for the moron have asked their friends and family what happened? They're saying "you didn't vote for Trump. That's what happened." No sane person will vote for the sequel to what we have seen with Biden. Feeding their kids overrides voting Democrat. By the way, the Democrat media denied the Holocaust for years. Are you going to give us your thoughts on that?

0 points

It means he pretended to like Trump to win favours.

Explain what those favors are.

Do you need a diagram to navigate the basics of your own language you retarded fascist fuck?

This is no more than a word salad.

0 points

Looks like you didn't address the evidence that you are a liar. Again.

You didn't provide any evidence. Your opponent provided pictures of him hugging Trump with a MAGA hat on and quotes of him telling blacks to leave the Democratic Party. It appears that you are very new to this.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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