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2 points

In America we teach our children to be independent

That is an untrue phrase. Not every American parent does that. My question actually was inspired from American stories / people.

And I agree with most of what you said after that.

But, I also meant not setting them a goal, but (for example's sake) 'Sitting down and deciding, "What shall our child do in the future? Follow in the family business? Doctor?" etc.' and then setting them goals towards that, when in fact the kid may be more interested in being an athlete etc.

2 points

What if there was a white man, similar in personality and looks (besides skin colour) to your black brother, for example.

Would you still dislike him then? Just because he is white?

You are only disliking white people because of their leaders. The majority. History. And propaganda.

You're not getting the topic. They're not asking if viewing it is wrong or not, but whether it hurts someone.

2 points

If they are 'structuring' them to a certain choice, then technically, if successful, they have decided their child's future? Because obviously they have decided this route before hand, otherwise they wouldn't be structuring?

4 points

I am a kid. Thanks very much.

I don't view it, it's wrong. I was simply just saying that strictly keeping to the exact question "Does the VIEWING of Child Pornography hurt anyone?" it doesn't. Depending on the viewer, it can though.

But usually the viewer, is a paedophile. (N)

I completely agree with you. (agreeing with Swryght(34)) This is my view completely.

Plus, in my opinion - as with using the term 'gay' to mean something 'lame' or 'stupid', using the term 'blond' to mean a 'dumb/stupid person' is wrong. This was just not the topic.

2 points

Strictly the VIEWING does not hurt anyone. But I do not support it.

The creating however, very rarely doesn't hurt someone.

Unless of course the viewer is under a condition where it could harm them (e.g under age / mental illness)

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Tied Positions: Whenever vs. my opinion
Winning Position: No, they have their own life.

About Me

Biographical Information
Name: David Johnson
Gender: Male
Marital Status: In a Relationship
Political Party: Other
Country: United Kingdom
Religion: Atheist

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