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RSS Dawazilu

Reward Points:139
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10 most recent arguments.
Dawazilu(139) Clarified
1 point

It's an insult, though, to call them "feminine hands", I'm kind'a partial to feminine hands!

Like myself, Nom is an oldschool leftist in the sense that even though he is pretty radical he is not an "SJW". In his case, he is not in either the positive or derogatory sense. In other words, he is not too focused on social justice issues pertaining to LGBT, feminism or race etc. He is not a newschool intersectionalist or any of that sort of shit, and in many ways that's a good thing because a lot of those people are nuts. Until of course you realize he is actually a bigot despite being a leftist, and is against "Social Justice" in general. I just realized how frequently he insults people based on race, gender and sexuality

1 point

Should humans? If so why, and what differentiates humans from other animals that would make animals deserve or not deserve those same rights/protections?

Dawazilu(139) Clarified
2 points

He's a nasty, worthless, manipulative troll

And you are calling me names to draw attention away from the scummy thing that you already know you are guilty of but are too dishonest and sociopathic to own up to.

1 point

Blah blah blah you said he should be leading by example as in being on the front lines in the context of that fucking sentence so shut up and stop trying to bullshit your way out of the corner again. No matter how many times you call me a troll and other names, it won't change the fact that you are a piece of human trash and I'm better than you.

1 point

The president should be leading by example, not abusing his authority to keep himself safe while others battle on the front lines

Shut up troll. Nobody is saying he should be on the front lines.

You said he should be leading by example, as in he should be one of the people "on the front lines" as you put it. You are so stupid that you can't even understand your own words, nevermind mine.

The point is that he's abusing his authority

Even a good president would do what he's doing if they were smart, because there is no point in taking unnecessary risks with the safety of the president other than to be impractical and stupid.

He's a fat coward, as he has proven consistently throughout his life, beginning right back when he dodged the Vietnam draft with the help of his equally corrupt daddy.

I agree that Trump is a fat coward, but even though his reasons are wrong what he did was actually right even in the Vietnam example. If it were me or anyone else who is intelligent they would do exactly the same thing Trump did for different reasons, because it is literally retarded to risk your life in a war just to kill people for the American establishment's corrupt interests.

1 point

The best band on earth is the one I am going to wrap around your neck and choke the life out of you with.

Dawazilu(139) Clarified
1 point

Stupid answers- all of them, but what can you expect from a pea-brained, half-witted nincompoop.

I agree. What is the point of a president being on the "front lines". It's not as if he is a medical expert. The smart thing to do is have the president avoid unnecessary risk, for the president to do otherwise is stupid because the nature of his job is not a hands-on one. His job is to sit on his ass and keep the plutocracy afloat, the public inspired (to keep following establishment propaganda) and to sign pieces of paper that benefit the aristocracy.

Dawazilu(139) Clarified
1 point

I can get behind that. i am sorry, for doing that, in the past. i have been suicidal for one year

Remember that time Nom encouraged you to commit suicide? He knew you were unstable and depressed. He is a scum bag of the highest order. I type fucked up things on this site constantly (but never actually harm anyone) while he keeps his sociopathy low profile while pretending to be a decent person. Every once in a while he lets his true colors show though and commits criminal-tier acts of bullying and harassment.

1 point

You don't express any point of view. You just come here to try to annoy people

Whenever I have ever tried to make a serious point on this site, I just got ignored or insulted by people who are less intelligent than me. What do you expect?

1 point

I am going to vandalize your rectum with a spicy sausage.

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