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RSS Dayana

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1 point

After all your arguments I understood that this issue is really debatable and we continue and continue to find more new advantages and disadvantages. To sum up, I want to say that wearing uniform has not only greater benefits, but also strong disadvantages. I understood that our discussion help us to have a deeper understanding of the problem, and the ability to explain your position, but not to ignore the opinion of others. After debate, I realized that everyone of us has his own view and we can not say that someone is completely wrong. Thank you for your arguments!

1 point

Some experts believe that, more than in any other area, school uniforms improve the social outcomes in a school environment. Clothing and fashion are often at the root of social conflict. Children are often ridiculed by other children because of the way they dress. According to the statistics, which written by US Department of Education about 25 % of children suffer from not equal position in class and the sociologists believe that it is connected with uniforms.

1 point

Yes I agree that in some cases it is not so comfortable. However, in my opinion if children much less focus on appearance and they will focus more on learning. Appearance can be very distracting for pre-teens and teens, because it is a part of their life. Of course, they should express themselves and show their styles, but outside of school.

1 point

Yes it shows, but not so much as different casual clothes. For example, students do not know how many dresses or T-shirts has another student. In my view, it is better for poor families. Also it is a way to help parents save their money. The up front cost of a uniform would be much less than a new wardrobe of the new trendy clothes.

1 point

In my opinion, wearing uniforms has another benefit. School is primarily a place of learning. The clothes should be reflective of that. Clothing should be respectful and conservative falling in the lines of the schools dress code. Unfortunately, often in high schools we can find girls wearing showy clothes, such as short skirts or low cut shirts. Boys would rather wear low trousers showing their underwear. Both are inappropriate outfits that should not be allowed at schools. With uniforms, these clothes would be replaced by respectful clothes.

1 point

Of course it is a good way to save money, but I think it will be better if children wear uniform to school and their parents buy less clothes. And then they will change their casual clothes with each other.

1 point

I understand your point of view, but I can not agree with you because I think that students at school can wear the same uniform for a year. Of course, not more that year, but as for me it is more economical.

1 point

Moreover, school uniform is way of people to show respect. Wearing school uniform helps poor students feel better. Other school where students are allowed to wear what they want make other student feel bad. People who can afford high quality clothes wear them at school, where the other poor students feel pinching because they can't afford the same quality clothes. In my view, wearing school uniforms makes people feel more academic, educational and of course equal.

1 point

Pakizat, our thoughts are the same. Children who come from a less fortunate economic background would not appear to be "lacking" or made fun because of their parents could not afford to buy them the newest fashionable clothes. This case can be harmful for students' psychology.

1 point

Rabiga, I think your point of view is good, price is really important, but students do not wear every day the same dress or jeans, they want to change their clothes, they also do not want to be worse that other students. That is why I think that buying clothes for school instead of uniform will be more expensive.

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