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10 most recent arguments.
3 points

Nah thats ok i probs wont leave i have just found a really good game called gladiatus and might not have enough time but since thats the way you think of me ill stay thanks alot.

3 points

i loved his music and his way of life he was a good man and i loved his trademark move the moon walk i loved thriller.

2 points

I love technology mainly computers,ps3 and x box but i mean whoever posts a debate must at least like technology because i mean there on a computer.

2 points

If a little kid is playing like halo and they see blood ... i mean what will there little minds think

1 point

what are you talking about i got a 50cm tv and it is full hi def and everything its deffiantly not a con.

1 point

omg when i look at them my eyes water there so ugly i cant believe how comfatable but ugly there are.

-1 points

no way mc donalds are on a roll and i love fast food and i will die if they close it down.

1 point

no i dont want to pay the extra dollars for just fruit and vegetables grown from the ground.

2 points

omg you could be waiting hours just to wait till someone catches a dam fish,

1 point

i love cristiano ronaldo but now he has gone to real madrid and i dont know why. for the money,

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Winning Position: Lamborghini
Winning Position: Mars Bar
Winning Position: no
Winning Position: bush
Winning Position: yes

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