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RSS DeathWolf666

Reward Points:372
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It seemed like a ton of just insulting me and stating vile things with parts in between that were pure-defence arguments against my side but zero explanation as to how you or your theory can even work or why mine is directly wrong or inconsistent.

You refuse to fulfill your BoP of making such claims as you do. I see now that you are afraid to debate me on it because you know it's a bunch of wuwu.

Once again you are too stupid to know the difference between a socialist and a status quo democrat so shut up.

Which part of this was meant to convince me?

Will you debate me or just ignore it?

DeathWolf666(372) Clarified
-1 points

I agree with you there, you didn't understand my meme if you think we disagree.

Yeah your meme is actually pretty accurate but my memes are more in reply to what you said about Hillary.

Outlaw is dumb as fuck dude, isn't he? Yes he is. .

Clinton was much more supported by me

Hillary is an "establishment goon who happens to have an unusual racial complex".

she knows how to play the game much better and not be a total pansy.

Still not a soc-dem. Why is a soc-dem supporting a corporate centrist liberal?

The quote you're referencing original started with "first they came for the communists". Also no real leftist gives a flying fuck about some mainline corporate democrat who likes to sniff little girls like Joe Biden.

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I am probably a good person but I haven't taken the time to fill out my profile, so you'll never know!

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